Zenkar Rinpoche composed this sādhana when he was just fifteen years old at the request of his tutor. Its focus is Mañjuśrī, the embodiment of all the buddhas’. Guru Manjushri Sadhana. You must have received initiation in order to perform this sadhana. Refuge. At eye level in front of you, visualize the refuge field and. Manjushri Sadhana by the Vidyadhara. $ A practice of white Manjushri composed by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche at the request of Lama Ugyen Shenpen.

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By realizing zadhana heart of wisdom, or realizing what the texts teach. Dza wisdom beings approach Manjushri Hum wisdom beings dissolve into Manjushri Bam wisdom beings and Manjushri become one Hoh wisdom beings are inseparable from Manjushri.

How did it feel in my body? What was I thinking and feeling? So then I can mix it up how I want to, once I get the basic visualization, I can focus on that first, add the mantra and then maybe try and add the extended visualization right? The light rays carry offeringsas in the previous visualization, to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Manjushri Sadhana and Commentary | Thubten Chodron

Not what was I telling myself about it, what was I feeling? It is a short ceremony conferred by a tantric lama. Your entire body and nervous manushri become the nature of clean clear wisdom light that destroys all physical diseases and hindrances to developing great extensive wisdom. Recite dhih, dhih … times in one breath, if possible. And really go slow with these points of the lamrim meditation.


See it as a movie, the actions … like a silent movie. Om arya Being who has realised emptiness directly and non-conceptually. The lightrays then invoke all their wisdom and realizations in the form of countless youth Manjushris.

Mañjuśrī Series

Concentrate on this for awhile. What was I feeling?

And in the praises in various places, it says, shines forth like the sun. So to think about how developing this relationship with Manjushri is the manifestation of that wisdom, that would be something to think about, what does that mean? And get that going pretty solidly before you get too experimental.

Immeasurable orange lightrays radiate from the DHIH, filling your entire body and purifying all negative karma Actions of our body, speech and mind. Otherwise, please do the front-generation sadhana. It is a tranquil ocean of unfathomable profundity Of immeasurable breadth, boundless like space itself. It is also done for enhancing memory, for getting all the wisdoms we pray for, for having skill in debate, skill in writing and in clarifying the teachings and so forth.

Manjushri sadhana overview

When geshe A learned master comparable to a Ph. Contemplate the fusion of such wisdoms with your mindstream while reciting the mantra.


Inspired by your example, I will now set out Maniushri description of the steps for actualization Of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, In accord with your realization. But as I was going back through the teachings, seeing how imagining these qualities of Manjushri and using them as an inspiration for something to inspire to, seeing how this really helps.

Within the sphere of emptiness, a lotus and manjushru seat appear in front of me. I guess I do a combination of both.

Yeah, so if you can go here, one question at a time and make yourself manjjushri the commentary. Manjushri comes on top of my head and dissolves into me. These two fingers are representing the two truths also and then the three fingers that are remaining represent the refuges, the Three Jewels. And it is very important to remember and to always hold that his body is made of light, completely different from a body made of flesh, bone, blood, etc.

We can find the place in ourselves where we have some Manjushri wisdom. Bring yourself back to that question.

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