Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change. For composing validation protocol of lyophilizer need to carry out its qualification test and. decide acceptance criteria. So during selection of. Hi all, I have a question regarding an OQ of a freeze dryer. Im Validation Manager in a medium size medical devices company and have the.

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In a clean room environment with very few particulates for ice nucleation, there is a significantly greater amount of super-cooling.

The vacuum system consists of a separate vacuum pump connected to an airtight condenser qualitication attached product chamber.

This freezing method maximizes the product surface area and minimizes its thickness.

However, the effects of radiation and convection also need to be considered for product uniformity and process control purposes. If renting Rigid units, then the verification application note applies. Without knowing the critical temperature of the product, a trial and error approach is required to determine appropriate primary drying temperatures.

The refrigeration system must be able to maintain the temperature of the condenser substantially below the temperature of the product. Visual and functional characteristics of the dried product are also important for many applications.

Stoppering All vials are stoppered No vials are damaged. Slower shelf cooling rates do not necessarily yield larger ice crystals because of the effects of super-cooling.

SP Scientific service professionals are highly knowledgeable and are qualified to support every instrument, software and application product that SP Scientific has brought to the market.

The choice of excipients added to a formulation can severely affect the thermal characteristics of the product and its ability to be freeze dried lyophilixer a reasonable amount of time. In addition to the free ice that is sublimed during primary drying, there remains a substantial amount of water molecules that are bound to the product. Vacuum System The blank-off pressure, pump ultimate pressure and leak-up rate are for baseline purposes only. Performance Qualification Acceptance Criteria Sterilization Bacillus stearothermophilus biological indicators are such that the product of the ‘D’ value and the log of the population is at least 6 e.


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John Barley, SP Scientific. Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Vacuum, etc. More advanced shelf freeze dryers have freezing capability built into the product shelf which allows the product freezing to be accomplished inside the freeze dryer. More than a scientific equipment supplier, SP Scientific represents brands that distinguish themselves by being able to more thoroughly kyophilizer customers in matching equipment to particular application needs.

During primary drying, the system pressure and the shelf temperature are set and controlled in combination to yield the appropriate product temperature. Amorphous quwlification may require that the temperature increase from primary to secondary drying be controlled at a slow ramp rate to avoid collapse.

A recommended approach is to first set the system pressure using the vapor pressure of ice table. System vacuum may be continued at the lyiphilizer level used during primary drying; lower vacuum levels will not improve secondary drying times.

The purpose of the condenser is to attract the vapors being sublimed off of the product. This heat input does not melt the product because an equivalent amount of heat is removed by vaporization of the solvent. Lyophilized products are extremely hydroscopic and they must be sealed in air tight containers following freeze drying to prevent rehydration from atmospheric exposure.

We’ll assume you’re ok with that, but you can opt-out if you wish. Options include standard laboratory freezers, shell baths, and direct immersion in liquid nitrogen. These can be placed inside of your autoclave.

Freeze Drying / Lyophilization Information: Basic Principles

Hydrocarbon And Silicone Contamination Silicone levels on swabs should not exceed the negative control. Purified Water System IQ. The cycle time can often be substantially reduced by investigating several factors:. For this reason, production freeze dryers are designed with qualificayion doors and small view ports.

Each specific product or formulation that is lyophilized requires the development of a freeze drying process that is based on the unique characteristics of the product, the amount of product and the container used. In addition to designing a recipe that successfully dries a product, it is also extremely valuable to optimize shorten the length of the cycle, especially if there is potential for process repetition or scale-up for production.

When the target product temperature lyophiliaer obtained, the shelf temperature is held lypphilizer for the balance of primary drying. The Pirani gauge, however, will give a false high reading in the presence of water vapor. Typically, stoppering is done on vials with partially inserted stoppers.


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Operation Qualification for Lyophilization

Freeze dryer refrigeration designs are available to provide the lower shelf and condenser temperatures needed to freeze and then condense some organic solvents. When the super-cooled liquid finally freezes, it happens extremely quickly resulting in smaller ice crystals. The product temperature is monitored using thermocouples and then the shelf temperature set point is slowly increased until the product reaches its target temperature.

Similarity in heat transfer characteristics and shelf temperature uniformity is important to lyophilizzer that a lyophilization process developed in the lab can be successfully transferred to a production freeze dryer. Annealing has the added advantage of larger crystal growth and corresponding shorter drying times.

This valve can be closed for a short period of lypohilizer and the subsequent rise in pressure in the product chamber can be measured. Verifying rigid units needs to take place in a liquid bath. Option to use your own thermocouples, or purchase thermocouples ready to go from Ellab.

Basic Principles of Freeze Drying

The chamber is supplied with clean steam for sterilization. The type and shape of product being dried and its end-use also need to be considered. Additional primary drying endpoint determination tools are available on larger freeze dryers equipped with advanced process control systems. Choosing a freeze dryer depends on the product characteristics as well as many other application-based variables including the container that the product will be dried in, the shelf area quallification number of ports required to accommodate the quantity to be dried in each batch, the total volume of ice to be condensed and whether there are any organic solvents.

During annealing, the product temperature is cycled for example: Our silicone gripper slides over the logger providing a square outer shell which prevents the logger from rolling around.

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