When the Linn drum is running on external sync, the trigger output will follow the tempo of the sync input. The Sync output will follow the tempo of the internal. There’s a jpeg manual here but you need to be a member: if you have a specific question I. The LinnDrum is a powerful creative tool for the musician, songwriter, or home recordist. Imagine having a Owner’s or Service Manual (each). $

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Whenever the poorly recorded snare plays from the tape, it will trigger the LinnDrum’s anare, which may be recorded on a separate track. Push the button once, and the light switches to the other node. Instead of your errors being corrected to the nearest “perfect”! libndrum

This insures that all overdubs on a particular rhythm pattern will have the same “feel. To change to s different song number, continue holding down SOMGand type In the number of linndrjm song you want to access. From that point on, any additional recording on the selected rhythm pattern ulll play linnddrum on tne new timing setting.

The printing belgw eacti button describes the instrument you hear when that button Is pressed.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This -Will insure that any parts “overdubbed” on to the pattern will not conflict with the eiiating parts. When the song playa, it will be aisctly as before it was stored to tape except the pattern numbers will be different. When played, the pattern will have a slightly different feel. But until you can visit your local dealer, read on further. Doubling can tie repeated any number of times e.


LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

The current setting is Indicated by one of the lights in the Page 19 error correct section. Pressing DELETE removes the displayed step and moves all higher steps down by one to close the gap, enabling an entire section of the song to be removed.

Type in a two-digit number among the pre-aets one linnndrum 1 thru 5 as the flrat digit. LlnnDrum will “beep” to verify the copy. The higher the number is, the greater the programmed volume. Then, while listening to it, add your snare pattern.

In addition, the error correct function laay he defeated entirely by selecting HI high resolution. The Left and Right arrow buttons act as “rewind” and “fast forward” to quickly locate any step in the song for editing. At Linn Electronics, research into why drummers sound better than drum machines revealed one important fact: LlnnDrum will “beep” tc verify erasure. These indicate different volumes of the same drum and are used for programming dynamics into your rhythm patterns.

If the error persists, read “Eliminating Tape Errors” and repeat from step IS, If stiJl no luck, start again from step 11, 12 If “store” and “load” lights go off and stay offthin indlcBtfls a successful verify.


For example, first you might record a two-measure bass drum pattern. A The product Is modified in any manner, 3 The product has been repaired or serviced by anyone other than authorized dealers or repair stations licensed by the manufacturer.

The hi hat has 3 buttons: This terminates the song smi deletes any pre- existing Steps srter the laat one you entered. Once you have linndrim your selectionts: The follouing describes a typical use of error correct! For example to “fix” a bad sounding snare track, plug the tape recorder’s output into trigger input 1 normally assigned to snare and play the tape. Beati- per-‘mlnute can be displayed while playing or stopped.

This output provides a 5 volt trigger pulse, used for synchronization to oKternal sequencers or synthesizers. In addition, it may be programmed to output a pulse.

Full text of “LinnDrum Owner’s Manual”

Therp is a sensitivity adjustment for each of the five CriBRer Inputs, uhlch may need adjustment depending on what you are using to trigger LlnnDrum. The changes may be made by the owner.

In addition, it may be programmed to output a trigger pulse every time the cowbell is played, which, if connected to an external synthesizer, would allow a synthesized percussion sound effect to be programmed into your rhythm pattern.

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