Das Rheingold. Music and Libretto by Richard Wagner. First Performance as a single opera. Munich, Königliches Hof und National Theater, September 22, Das Rheingold / English translation by Frederick Jameson ; vollständiger Klavierauszug erleichterte Bearb. von K. Klindworth. URL to cite or. The Ring of the Nibelung: German – English libretto Das Rheingold (English and German Edition) [Richard Wagner, Polina Zinoviev] on *FREE*.

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Er verschwindet schnell in der Kluft. Methinks now Freia is hid. Fort in die Schachte! Donner Breche denn alles!

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Retrieved from ” https: Swarthy, spotted and sulfury dwarf! Alberich What then rheiingold not finished? Flosshilde ardently O, the sting of thy glance and the prick of thy beard, for ever to see and to feel!

Mime cowers down in pain. From your cheeks the bloom dies out; and quenched is the light of your eyes! Waterdrops fill up my nostrils This entire Ringsays Spotts, was “a parable of how the power-hungry cheat, lie, bully, terrorise and kill to get what they rheeingold. Of all the gods, as thy only friend, I took thee up, ‘mid the troop who trusted thee not. Deep in the Rhine, three of the river’s daughters, custodians of a golden treasure, laugh while they play, scarcely noticing when Alberich emerges from a crevice.


Alberich Sweetest of maids! Wotan and Fricka awake from their sleep and see the new castle completed: Following its Bayreuth premiere, the Ring cycle was introduced into the worldwide repertory, with performances in all the main opera houses, in which it has remained a regular and popular fixture.

When the two gods awaken, Wotan hails the building as a fulfillment of his dreams.

5 free resources – Das Rheingold, Opera of the Month | Opera Sense

In Samson, Jim; Zon, Bennett. Alberich invisible Then feel me instead, thou lazy rogue! Thou canst fly where I scarcely can creep. Wotan is forced to relinquish the Tarnhelm, to help cover Freia completely. Fafner quarrels with his brother over the division of the spoil and kills him. Wie durch Fluch er mir gerieth, verflucht sei dieser Ring!

Das Rheingold Libretto

When Wotan refuses, the giants pull Freia from behind the hoard to abduct her. Woe, if idlers ye be!

Alberich sich umwendend Rufst du nach mir? Hier lug’ ich noch durch: Loge Bist du befriedigt? Froh, god of sun, rain, and fruits Tenor. The scene in changing again passes near the smithies. He descends after Loge into the cleft. Wotan Nicht durch den Rhein! Composition of the music.

He summons the Nibelungen, who bring up the hoard of gold. Once more on the plateau, Loge and Wotan inform eheingold prisoner he cannot go free without forfeiting his hoard as ransom. You may disable the use of cookies if you do not wish to accept them, however, this may limit the website’s overall functionality.


Bis in meiner Hand den geraubten wieder lobretto halte! Such is thy haste bargains to mend that were struck by thy evil counsel? Alberich setzt den Helm auf “Riesenwurm winde sich ringelnd!

The first of the four dramas of Wagner’s tetralogy sets the scene for what is to follow. Alberich looks long and suspiciously at Wotan and Loge. Alberich Not near enough! Loge was able to find only one instance where someone willingly gave up love for something else: Loge in a trembling voice My trembling truly may prove it! Flosshilde Look who is below! Fricka And he leaves thee alone!

Fricka bang Wotan, Gemahl! Loge stepping between them Lose not thy senses! As the sun rises over a mountainous plateau, Fricka and Wotan slumber on a bank of flowers. Woglinde, Wellgunde lachend Linretto ha ha ha ha ha!

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