The libretto is written by Carlo Zanjrarini and Guelfo. .. LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST II Trin: SiD: Trin Nick: Sonora Tkix: Sonora Nick: Sonora Tutti: Trin: NicK: . A miners’ camp in California, – At sunset at the Polka Saloon, Nick, the bartender, prepares for the miners’ return from the hills. Jake Wallace, a traveling . LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST. An opera in three acts, sung in Italian. Music by Giacomo Puccini. Libretto by Guelfo Civinini and. Carlo Zangarini (based on the.

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Minnie dran’s back, frozfniiig. Round hcr-ncck she wears a number of strings of glass beads in various colors, also white and red striped; silver earrings and bracelets. Entra Ashby Sceriffo, hello!

Johnson ha un piccolo grido di gioia. On his heart, just as he’d wear a flower. The wst are hung with old oleographs and many other quaint objects. Dear old home beside the river!

AsHBY and Range haz-e come closer and stand listening. Joe clapping Sid on the shoulder: Johnson accepts the sentence and only asks the miners not to tell Minnie about his capture and his ljbretto ” Ch’ella mi creda “.

Opera by Giacomo Puccini. Well then, let’s try it! A whistle is heard, but Johnson fails to reply. Sits dozvn at the card table.


No, you yellow-faced old Chinaman! A climactic phrase sung by Johnson, “Quello che tacete”, near the end of the first act, is widely cited to fsnciulla to a similar phrase in the Phantom’s song ” The Music of the Night ” in Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘s musical The Phantom of the Opera.

A stranger’s just outside— Minnie: Ashby e Rance si sono avvicinati e stanno anch’ess ad ascoltare. He’ll never touch a card again. A love-lorn woman’s revenge — I’ve got him, Ranee, absolutely.

They hand Range the tivo of spades; he pins it on to Fel chest above his heart. Un’altra risata accoglie quest’uscita.

Metropolitan Opera | La Fanciulla del West

Oh, must you really go now? Johnson looks at her in admiration. After three months’ tracking, Livretto am close on his heels. Da tre mesi lo apposto: About to embrace her. Billy entra col suo passo furtivo, si avvi- cina al banco e ingoia in fretta il fondo di due o tre bic chieri, leccandone l’orlo Trin: Wowkle, go home now! Far away, over yonder 1 A.

La fanciulla del West libretto (Italian) – opera by Giacomo Puccini

I’m going to wear all my finest! The Girl of the camp? Hoping someone would drop some money ; And sometimes I’d see her snuggle her feet close up to father’s.

Pistol shots are heard and Johnson, knowing himself to be in grave danger, determines to stay with Minnie and vows that he will never give her up. Ashby enters librerto says that after three months of tracking, his men are rounding up Ramerrez, and his band of Mexican “greasers.


Puts the pistol back in her bodice — Rance silently wet away from the counter, sits doivn at the faro table, and absent- mindedly starts playing. Far away from all the world! To- wards the footlights is the faro table, with the paraphernalia of the game — another table further back — and still another near the bar. Nick hands round bottles and glasses.

La fanciulla del West, SC 78 (Puccini, Giacomo)

Johnson la guarda ammirato. Domani t’apriranno la via! Sonora prende un z’assoio e invita tutti a versar denari per Larkens. Let’s gather berries together — Minnie: Billy sivaying u’ith pride: Wowkle, a Native American woman who is Minnie’s servant, her lover Billy Jackrabbit and their baby are present as Minnie enters, wanting to get ready for Johnson’s visit.

Fixes fanciuola roses in her hair, looking in the mirror as she does it:

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