The G-Series is more of a budget line effort from JBL (for those that couldn’t afford the SR series). I had, at one time, The G subs (loaded. No Cracks, very clean. Ready to use $ or Best Offer for the pair. Can be delivered in a 50 miles of Huntington Beach. Brand New Genuine JBL MR, g, G Corner. These are the 90° corners. They work for many different models but you might want to replace the entire.

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I thought they were kind of listed as multi-purpose models. We used to replace blown Es with Gauss ‘s then V732 owned both and each style has it’s own unique sound. I think I will probably just get new drivers if the speakers need a recone. I am trying to figure out if it is worth it.

Take the grill off and spidersplat your pfingers around the dust cap, on the cone itself. Thanks for the offer on them SRs but you’re a bit too far from Texas. Thanks for the replies dudes. Thanks for the help guys I believe the cabinets were plywood.


All times are GMT Yes, they were used at one point in some lesser models, had smaller voice coils, wider tolerances and not quite as clean sounding.

You can always buy better woofers cheap, JBL always built a reasonably nice box.

I have the old h732 and that woofer should be the GA They have the tangerine phase plugs. I will try and get some pics when I go back over tonight to pick up his old Sansui speakers.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: There was a pair just like these for sale in Austin but the dude was asking bucks for them. I was just wondering if anyone in here could comment b732 their sound. Great hearing loss accelerators: Where’s all the JBL enthusiast at? I did check the Sensitivity and they are dB which is pretty good.

plans for JBL G – Forums

Thanks for the informative replies fellows-I appreciate the advice. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

All materials were of low quality, the handles and corners were breaking all mbl time. Previous 1 2 Next. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Right now I am just going to use them for practice, so I think for that they should be fine.


JBL G-734 speakers, any good?

Thanks for the responses guys. Your name or email address: I think its common knowledge that a SS amp pushed into clipping can blow speakers pretty easily, or am I missing something Similar Threads Group Delayed Speakers, anyone?

They are below the Caberets. Share This Page Tweet.

2 JBL G Speakers | #

You’re going to enjoy those horns for sure. New diaphrams for the horns might be like looking for original 57 Chevy parts at the wreckers.

Jbll sounded “ok” for what they were from what I remember. Do you already have an account? The horns should be crossed faily high 3Khz or higher, since they are not s or ‘s.

Can anyone vouch for the price or should Bjl try to bargain a bit cheaper or avoid altogther? No, create an account now. Greetings from Houston folks. The G sub was a serious 18″ woofer and although I never opened one up, it was probably a H and not the vaunted VGC model G.

Anymore than that Dude

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