In our application sometimes there is a need to show webview content as a Convert HTML Content into Image to Show WebView in ObjectiveC iOS App. HTML in UIWebView on iOS is rendered at 72dpi – it’s fine for displaying on screen but when you file for printing using. And in upcoming post I will share a tutorial with you where you can convert your website to Simple iOS Application using WebView. Thank You.

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Have you seen this? Assuming you saved the file path or have some way of getting it, you can just present the user with a way to share the pdf using the UIActivityViewController.

You can dig through the x. Check out my updated post. In it I need to display a webView. The URL request identifying the location of the content to load. A Boolean value iuwebview determines whether HTML5 videos can play automatically or require the user to start playing them.

CGPointMake 0, 0 animated: This seemed like a rather easy task, however the pdf generated was always empty. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Convert HTML Content into Image to Show WebView in ObjectiveC iOS App

A view that embeds web content in your app. Sign up using Email and Password. I am now anxious to try your suggestions, but unfortunately I will not be able to do it until tomorrow night. I followed your suggestions as follows:.


How to get the pdf to print page number at the bottom? Nerd Digest Users Other Sites. Thanks in advance for any help…. For example I would add a coonvert css property to some divs, and get a similar page break in the pdf. If your still interested read on and check out the code which is available on GitHub so feel free to use it however you want. I will let you know how it turned out.

What’s the difference between UIWebView and WKWebView? – free Swift example code and tips

If you can get some raw js commands to work, you should have little problem using this method. Check it out over on GitHub While working on a project I needed a way to generate a pdf from some in app html to a for emailing and oos purposes. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Either enter Content Or Record. After this just set the size back to origin: Actually, I need to email that. Pagination Mode The layout of content in the web view.

Jibeex 2, 1 14 Bool A Boolean value that determines whether Air Play is allowed from this view. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver is done loading content. String, text Encoding Name: Thereafter, the user can yiwebview the scale using gestures. Hey Miguel, Made a new Project Pdf Test 2 that should help you with the file location issue as well well as the mailing of the pdf.


Password confirmation Password confirmation should match the password.

It seems that the resulting PDF file has the text of the webview flattened into a screen resolution bitmap.

Bool A Boolean value that determines whether pressing on a link displays uiwebfiew preview of the destination for the link.

Rendering html pdf report for printing from UIWebView (Example)

You are commenting using your Facebook account. See Also Content Views. During restoration, the view restores these values so that the web content appears just as it did before. I have a button that brings in a popOverView. I was able to actually get PDF generation to look a lot better.

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. Int The number of pages produced by the layout of the web view.

So far I’m using the code suggested in the answer, specifically:. CGFloat The size of the gap, in points, between pages.

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