Hypertable is an open source project based on published best practices and our own experience in solving large-scale data-intensive tasks. Our goal is nothing. Modeled after Bigtable. ➢ Implemented in C++. ➢ Project Started in March ➢ Runs on top of HDFS. ➢ Thrift Interface for all popular languages. ○ Java. hypertable> create namespace “Tutorial”;. hypertable> use Tutorial;. create table. hypertable> CREATE TABLE QueryLogByUserID (Query.

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Can be a host specification pattern in which case one of the matching hosts will be chosen at random. Now let’s load the data file query-log. The row key is formulated by zero-padding the UserID field out to nine digits and concatenating the QueryTime field. Hypertable tutorixl the traditional two-dimensional table model by adding a third dimension: Exit the hypertable shell and download the dataset, which is in the. CommitInterval, which acts as a lower bound default is 50ms. If we hadn’t supplied that option, the system would have auto-assigned a timestamp.

If the scanner returns the same value then the update was fine.

As can be seen by the diagram, the three servers are filled to capacity. Heres a small sample from the dataset:. Access groups are a way to physically group columns together on disk. The table is created with the following HQL:.

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To insert values, create a mutator and write the unique cell to the database. Notice that any identifier that contains non-alphanumeric characters e. The sys namespace is used by the Hypertable system and should not be used to contain user tables. Select the title column of all rows whose row key is greater than ‘BVWE0’ and that contain an info: Otherwise the cell already existed with a different value.


Tables in Hypertable can be thought of as massive tables of data, sorted by a single primary key, the row key.

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In this example, they both represent the same time. Then create a scanner, fetch the cell and verify that it was written correctly.

Unique cells are useful i. Each unique hypetable in the article turns into a qualified column and the value is the number of times the word appears in the article. To run a MapReduce job over a subset of columns from the input table, specify a comma separated list of columns in the hypertable. The following table lists the job configuration properties that are used to tutoriial, among other things, the input table, output table, and scan specification. This feature provides a way for users to introduce sparse column data that can be easily selected with Hypertable Query Language HQL or any of the other query interfaces.

Note that a namespace hypeetable be empty ie must not contain any sub-namespaces or tables before you can drop hypertsble. In this example we create a table of counters called counts that contains a single column family url that acts as an atomic counter for urls.

This function can also be used through the Thrift interface. In this tutorial we will be loading data into, and querying data from, two separate tables.

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The Group Commit feature solves this problem by delaying updates, grouping them together, and carrying them out in a batch on some regular interval. Distributed filesystems such as HDFS can typically handle a small number of sync operations per second. The row key is formulated by concatenating the QueryTime field with the nine digit, zero-padded UserID field. Adding more capacity is a simple matter of adding new commodity class servers and starting RangeServer processes on the new machines.


In this example, we’ll be running a Hadoop Streaming MapReduce job that uses a Bash script as the mapper and a Bash script as the reducer.

Since this process is tutlrial bit cumbersome we introduced the HyperAppHelper library. This document describes how to create a table with secondary indices and how to forulate queries that leverage these indices.

This tutorial shows you how to import a search engine query log into Hypertable, storing the data into tables with different primary keys, and how to issue queries against the tables. Counter columns are accessed using hyypertable same methods as other columns. To open the root namespace issue the following HQL command:. In other words, you can project an arbitrary set of columns that don’t necessarily have to be referenced in the WHERE predicate. This file includes an initial header line indicating the format of each line in the file by listing tab delimited column names.

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