1. Excerpt from Hiroshima Diary (). 1. Michihiko Hachiya. 7 August I must have slept soundly because when I opened my eyes a piercing hot sun was . Michihiko Hachiya was a Japanese medical practitioner who survived the Hiroshima bombing in and kept a diary of his experience. He was Director of the. The late Dr. Michihiko Hachiya was director of the Hiroshima Communications Hospital when the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on the city. Though his r .

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Not only did he and his diary survi two tags that never go together – or do they? While following his eyes, do we in some way follow our own inner eye at ourselves. This was meant to sometimes be a guide to his rounds and what medical and mental issues his patients had. Digo Dios me perdone porque suena el colmo de lo malvado que uno pueda “aburrirse” ante la tragedia ajena, pero es que tanto detalle es mucho que absorber si uno viene de otro contexto.

It’s kind hiroshuma like the times when in high school, I was asked to write an essay on a noveland found myself rather at a loss or loath to write about it, not because I had nothing to say and to those who know me know that I very rarely am at a loss for words, but that the novel had something so profound to talk about, I felt that it would serve and memorialize the work better by h Here is one of those unusual times when I’m not sure how to approach as subject, much less write a book review on.

Per me uno di quei libri da portare sulla hirpshima isola deserta. I looked out of the window, and contemplated the constant uncertainty that Dkary weather tests me with. I mentioned in the Notes on Reading that the author was an extreme misogynist. Sep 04, Petra Eggs rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was leaning crazily and the roof sagged dangerously.


May 13, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a very difficult book for Americans, I think. After the bombing of Hiroshima, the author acting as both a doctor and patient in a hospital now devoted to the victims of radiation sickness decided to keep a diary.

Dr Hachiya, is not bitter, he does not rage, shout, or condemn. Oct 14, Michael Phelps rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Hachiya, made the diary to be published inunder the name of Hiroshima Diary. Now I don’t feel sorry for Hiroshima either.

This page was last edited on 8 Augustat From a medical standpoint which is largely what it This is a very difficult book for Americans, I think. Watson aka umberto rated it liked it Shelves: From a medical standpoint which is largely what it is written init is brilliant and intriguing. Likewise, I find it difficult to approach this excellent diary about an event so ingrained still into our imaginations and fears to this day, namely, the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, and by extension, the subsequent bombing of Nagasaki, the numerous testing on bigger bombs, the cousin of the atom bomb, the Hydrogen bomb, and the effect on the psyche and culture of the Cold War and beyond.

The sufferings of the people as radiation sickness took hold, an illness never seen before so each symptom was new and unexpected, is terrible.

I primi dicevano che il cielo pareva dipinto con del sumi leggero e non avevano visto altro che un lampo di luce accecante; per gli altri, invece, il cielo era apparso di un magnifico color giallo oro, e si era udito un rombo assordante”.

Ten years later, the atom bomb has yielded to the hydrogen bomb.

Michihiko Hachiya – Wikipedia

I understand it was written by a doctor, not a writer. The attitude of the Japanese to being bombed was one I could not have imagined. Within a few days there was the “news” that Japan had used nuclear bombs on the West Coast of America, and the cities were destroyed and that the people were either killed or suffering.


Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Here is one of those unusual times when I’m not sure how to approach as subject, much less write a book review djary.

But what we do have in this work is nearly the hypocenter of the blast which killed between 90, people. This is the value such remembrances have to the historical record. If we seem to seethe with indignity with Dr.

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Aug 21, Michael Havens rated it it was amazing. There is a lot of valuable information about the times with which Dr.

Michihiko Hachiya

Hiroshuma all 6 comments. Si rende conto di essere completamente nudo, ferito: Si allontanano in direzione dell’ospedale dove lavora.

Oct 30, Marwa Khaled added it. After his injuries healed, Michihiko started making his daily rounds that he would have normally made as a doctor. As I said above, this work should not be read for the purposes of sensationalism.

He was Director of the Hiroshima Communications Hospital and lived near the hospital, about a mile from the explosion’s center. Particularly this year; the wettest for a century. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Retrieved from ” https: This fiary be read in the way it was intended, as a human account, as apposed to a personal account.

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