Buy Gramatyka jezyka polskiego Podrecznik dla cudzoziemcow 8 by Barbara Bartnicka (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Title: Gramatyka języka polskiego dla cudzoziemców / Zofia Kaleta. Biblioteka pomocy dydaktycznych do nauczania obcokrajowców języka i kultury polskiej. Gramatyka języka polskiego dla cudzoziemców by Zofia Kaleta; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects: Polish language, Textbooks for.

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We have prepared lots of options for you, tailored to different levels, needs, time limits and expectations. Po polsku didactic aid A0-A1 Postcards Hurra!!! A Polish Language Textbook for Intermediate cz.

Take up the challenge and learn Polish online without leaving home through the e-polish. Reviews Write a review on this product! Szymkiewicz questions which check grammar and vocabulary skills. Welcome I want to learn Polish See how we can help you learn Polish. The web platform e-polish. The book can be used both as a self-learning book answer key included as well as a book to be used by a teacher in a classroom.

My lessons are full of conversation, real life situations and good atmosphere.

In fact, I see language as a sort of a game of cooperation – the better the players know the rules, the better is the mutual understanding they win. Simple, humorous short stories for all those who want to perfect their Polish language and complement their vocabulary range. Do you have any questions?

Fill in the form or call: Hurra po Polsku 1. In the learning of orthography, funny pictures also help in memorizing rules. Find us on Facebook.


Język polski: kursy, podręczniki, fiszki do nauki – księgarnia

obcokrajowcq Many of them are the authors of the best-selling series of Polish language textbooks for foreigners: Hurra po Polsku 3. The rules of spelling are explained in detail and are accompanied by a variety of exercises, among which are: The test is photocopiable. Tag Cloud tourist guide Polish for foreigners teaching Polish as a foreign language matura polish legends english hurra students book CD Audio Cursus Nederlands voor Poolstaligen english for beginners.

Others in this category. Promotions Katarzyna Niemiec Come and play with me. The rules of spelling are explained in detail and are accompanied by a variety of exercises, among which are:.

You can also obcorkajowcw my website: Now, wherever you live, wherever you are, you can have students all over the world! Agnieszka Futera Warszawa Polska Two of my passions are my language and board games. Elizabeth Zarych, has used her experience gained at the Jagiellonian University in the course of working with students, including Erasmus scholarship holders and translators. Hurra Po Polsku 3. Welcome I am a Polish language teacher Discover new tools and materials to help you teach Polish to foreigners.

Issues that are particularly problematic for foreigners are comprehensively presented In 10 chapters. They have much more in common than it seems.

Book, 2 mini MP3 CDs, flashcards. Personal collect How to buy Credit cards authorization Transactions safety Acoount number Free shipping Discounts for regular Customers See our rates Problems with logging in? It seems that Polish grammar is sometimes like a complex crime story but when you find the right key everything becomes clear like in the epilogue of a good book.

Whether you already know the basics of Polish, use this language at a high level, or are planning to start learning Polish, you will certainly find something right for you. Composing different elements into a lesson and giving lessons to students gives satisfaction like after winning a board game. Po polsku didactic aid Download catalog.


Being a teacher combines lots of my interests in a way inaccessible in any other profession.

Język polski: kursy, podręczniki do nauki języka polskiego

Waldemar Martyniuk 15 chapters designated for lessons A1-B1 Polnisch entdecken. Liliana Madelska, Geoffrey Schwartz. Sign up for the newsletter: You can use our multimedia dictionary not only to check the meaning of words and expressions, but also learn tables by case, person, and so on.

She is the author of numerous books and treatises devoted to Polish literature and comparative studies, issues of language and correctness as well as publications of education, lexicons and dictionaries. Learner’s Grammar for Polish as a foreign language languages: Hurra po Polsku 2. Polish courses – online and in Krakow. You will find a vast database of materials to help you diversify your Polish language courses right here. These will help you prepare attractive and motivating lessons more quickly.

Interesting, motivating and humorous lessons keep the right balance between grammar and vocabulary as well as perfection of speaking and communication skills. Waldemar Martyniuk 15 chapters designated for lessons B1 Hurra po Polsku 3.

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