We have 5 Garmin Oregon t – Hiking GPS Receiver manuals available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual, Quick Start Manual, Quick Reference. , , t, c, i, , t. Page 2. Oregon Series Quick Start Manual. See the . throughout the life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin. Garmin’s latest handheld GPS receiver is the new Oregon series. The Oregon t package, unit, carabineer clip, USB cable, manual.

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The 60CSx showed low batteries at 17 hours, went red at 18 and was dead at about The touchscreen allows for quick and easy data input into the Oregon. It will then bring up the geocaching features. Oprettelse Af Waypoints Overall, Garmin has done a good job with this unit and has been much more responsive so far in making software upgrades. Area Calculation You can walk an area and then determine the area. The touchscreen on the Oregon adds ease and manusl to inputting data and using the different functions.

Garmin Oregon t

Main Menu Setup Bearing And Course Pointers The touchscreen makes it quick to name a new waypoint and edit other properties. Mark Waypoint Unfortunately there is no quick way or button press to save a waypoint on the Oregon. Optimizing Battery Life Acquiring Gps Satellite Signals This is a nice feature for exchanging data with friends or new friends you garmn on the trail.

Caring For The Oregon The workaround to use any USB type power cable, is to set the unit to Spanner interface in the System setup, and then say “no” when asked if you want to go to Mass Storage Mode when you connect a USB cable. I ran the backlight on average twice every hour for seconds on each unit. The only way to do this is to orwgon the Mark Waypoint icon.


You can now also edit directly when selecting a Waypoint for review.

Because of the type of screen it is, it is manhal darker when compared to other Garmin handhelds. With the type of screen, the batteries go much faster. Changing The Camera Settings The Colorado started showing backlight limiting at ten hours and by twelve, was dead.

While it is a great quick guide and reference, the manual should be more in depth to help users understand everything their Oregon is capable of.

We also found that the Oregon will save manuak last location as a. The Oregon supports ‘Tracback’ meaning you can retrace your current track. Click here to see the list of beta corrections or here for what will hopefully be a regular firmware release.

You can pan the photo and zoom in the with arrows. The screen is darker on the Oregon than the Colorado, however, it is better in direct sunlight than the Colorado and certainly looks much better with the backlight on full than the Colorado.

Garmiin Field Note capability for geocaching is also a plus. Editing And Deleting Routes The preloaded maps are a file that is about 2. Overall the GPS reception is good in the Oregon. I use the NiMH or lithiums, as alkalines will be gone in a day’s use.

While you gain with the touchscreen, you have to realize you lose some in screen brightness. I have created several profiles and it takes just one button press to switch between them.

Viewing The Active Route Read Garmin’s explanation of its current school of thought with Waypoint Averaging here. Using Demo Mode Summary The Oregon appears to be where Garmin is putting its focus on its handheld series, with the addition of the series and the smaller Dakota manhal. To do a hard reset of the unit, press the upper left hand corner of the screen while you power on the unit.


It will then bring up the calibration option. You can also select map points and review data, although sometimes it can be a little tricky to get your finger on the small map icon you want to review. It also appears you can save numerous tracks, many more than the 20 saved tracks listed in the specs.

The big winner for battery use was the Vista HCx which was still going at 26 hours!

Garmin Oregon 400t User Manual

This is a nice feature and an important one, if you are hiking and have your Oregon in a backpack, on a belt, etc, as it will get into menus you don’t want it to.

Calculator Typical calculator, but unlike other Garmins, the Oregon does not have any scientific capabilities. Miscellaneous Features Image Viewer Allows you to load digital photos in the Oregon in the unit’s memory and garmun use it as a picture viewer. Notably, the beta updates have added waypoint averaging, ‘Sight n Go’, corrected some ongoing issues with the gps chip software and improved the ability to customize the Oregon and better manage waypoint data.

Garmin Oregon 400t – Hiking GPS Receiver Manuals

Sun And Moon Setting Up Profiles The maps look varmin with the terrain shading and the unit has very good options for geocaching. The only drawback I have found, is that you cannot delete a geocache on the Oregon itself. Through our testing by obtaining the specific Garmin made cable, it has worked well. Using System Setup

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