MİMARLIK BÖLÜMÜ ZORUNLU DERSLERİ 1. This course introduces students free hand drawing and to describe how to make architectural sketches. İLETİŞİM BİLİMLERİ ANABİLİM DALI Yüksek Lisans Dersleri Ve İçerikleri . Photoshop, Freehand, CorelDraw, QuarkXpress grafik programlarında uygulamalı. Computer Literary 1. BMEEPAGGIO1. Engineerime Sciences. EMETETOP Geometrical Consruction 1. BMEEPAGGI. Freehand Drawing 1. BMEEPRAGION.

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Derselri of the sentences; analysis of sentences; fixing the ambiguities; applications of true and fair writing and loud reading regarding the classical from Turkish and world literature, techniques of correct breathing, phonetic diction applications.

Cultural vision and cultural policy.

The assessment of corporate communications as a whole and to take part in practice will focus on skills. Traditional communication technologies, the reasons of the requirements for the advanced communication technologies; television Technologies in the transitional period; communication satellites, cabled television, teleconference, video conference, virtual studio, forms and specialities of information, the new communication channels.

Socio-cultural life, before Strategic dersldri resource management, globalization, performance evaluation, training, motivation of employees, compensation techniques, issues such as change management will be handled within the scope of the course. The courses deals with urban design as an operative field at the intersection of planning and design from political, economic and social planning and development to spatial interventions in urban scale to produce a generative urban space for the public.

The concept of popular culture and the content of it; the fact how the popular culture effects the society; comparing the popular culture productions with the high culture freehaand the role of derskeri popular culture in forming the life styles; consuming culture; critical approaches againts popular culture.

The drawing equipment, materials and techniques are introduced to students via this course.

Architectural History I is the first one of four general survey courses that provide students with a critical understanding of architectural developments and cross-cultural relations. The topics may cover but not limited to housing, office and administration, retail, education and research, sports, recreation and public safety. Desleri for televisions by advanced Technologies; techniques of topic choice, evaluating, research and type, preparing visual news; ethics on preparing visual news; importance of mass communication law; journalism defsleri on internet; rules for reportage on visual media.


The differences between source and the target; socio-cultural differences, the language barriers.


The main techniques of persuasion using in political communication will be examined in this course. An environment of innovative application for theoretical concepts acquired in previous structure courses. Information transaction with images, visual communication elements; the description, qualities, effests and usage areas of icon; typography, graphics, cartoons, comics, motion, form; television and computer images; visual communication in teh context of individualistic, historical, technical, ethical, cultural and critical.

It comprises specific assignments to develop mental and manual skills to deal with the design problems at hand and to form visual and formal values for forming compositional unities in two and three dimensions. The history of documentary cinema films; analyzing the films analytically and critically; critical perspectives about history of documentary film making in different cultural, political and social environments.

Yüksek Lisans Dersleri ve İçerikleri

In general, ARCH is intended to be a self-teaching process for the students of architecture in terms of building site organization and other aspects of building construction. Studying on and comparing the different fields of visual environment and production which is an important source of the daily experiments, culture and media; the relations in between the audiences and the visual culture under the frame of individual and society; the styles of ideologies in using the visual cultural components to influence the groups; the efficiency of visual communication in imposing the ideology.

Creative view in advertising, advertisement corporations, planning the advertisement campaigns, copywriting, creating ads for pres media, media planning, advertisement budget, advertisement types, principles of copywriting, principles of preparing storyboard, synopsis, treatment.

The history of development television broadcasting; the general and particular specialities of television broadcasting; international broadcasting specialities and principles, the organizations of international broadcasters, the goals of them, comparing the world wide broadcasts and the national broadcasts, the situation of internatioanl broadcasting deersleri in the sense of program techniques.

Audience profiles; learning about the audiences under the frame of perception esthetics Rezenptionsasthctikhistory of perception esthetics, critical thoughts, interpreting the cinema films regarding the perception esthetics.


Structural design projects concerning the design, building and testing of small-scale truss and frame systems. Local and general elections which performed with the transition to multiparty democracy in Turkey will be examined, the election campaigns of political parties applied form past to present to present and paradigm shift of political communication in Turkey will be discussed through examples. The material presented in this course is drawn from the Neolithic through frrehand Middle Ages and will focus particularly on the architecture of Freeehand and the Mediterranean basin.

Yüksek Lisans Dersleri ve İçerikleri | İLETİŞİM FAKÜLTESİ

The main focus of this course is the notions of privacy and publicity within a physical context. Contextual and spatial surveying, documentation and creehand as well as developing and representing a design freehnad in urban scale are also projected as part of the course.

New socio-economic changes and Socio-cultural life, after Technological determinism, symptomatic technology, social determination of technology and the social construction of technology approaches will be discussed. A survey of the elements influencing the behavior of structures. History of radio, television, internet, wireless television, satellite broadcasting and digital broadcastings; uses of studio equipments; the developments on mass communications sector by advanced technology; the changes of communication codes by new Technologies.

Traditional society structure of ottoman. Phenomenon and processes of political communication, the main srategies used in political communication, effects of political communication in elections, factors affecting voter behavior.

New aspects in production, consumption, communication and life styles. This is the sixth studio in the Architectural Design Studio series, which totals 6 studios dfrsleri all. The course will deal with architecture and built environment within a contextual frame. This is the fifth studio in the Architectural Design Studio series, which totals 6 studios in all. Cultural modernization processes in Ottoman:

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