Complete summary of E. M. Forster’s The Road from Colonus. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Road from Colonus. THE ROAD FROM COLONUS Source for information on The Road From Colonus by E. M. Forster, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. The Road from Colonus has 32 ratings and 6 reviews. The story of The Road from Colonus was inspired by a visit Forster made to Greece in An elder.

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Graham, who is “always polite to his elders,” frok his true colors. It’s better to get hit by a bus rather than die slowly and without much dignity. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Her aunt, being the only unattached member of the family, was coming to keep house for her father when she left him. Colomus, dear, if it had not been for me, and if Arthur had not helped me, you must have been killed.

The Celestial Omnibus and other Stories by E.M. Forster: The Road From Colonus

He does not feel that anyone can share the revelation he has experienced, and he becomes afraid that if he leaves the place he will lose the feeling himself. As he fought, the issue assumed gigantic proportions, and he believed that he was not merely stopping because he had regained youth or seen beauty or found happiness, but because in, that place and with those people a supreme event was awaiting him which would transfigure the face of the world.

It was the young Greek, who had cut them off in front, and now dashed down at Mr. It was his last hope of contradicting that logic of experience, and it was failing.


Godd rated it liked it Dec 18, A bit of what would now be called magic realism happens, which I found well-done and interesting.

Lucas got up, saying to himself: Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. He spread out his arms and steadied himself against the soft charred wood, and then slowly leant back, till his body was resting on the trunk behind. Should he fgom stayed? The morning post brings a parcel of asphodel bulbs from Greece wrapped in a Greek newspaper.

The Road From Colonus

Forman calls it “all very Greek” and babbles about “a place in a thousand! Your father meant money if he stopped, and they consider we were taking it out of their forstee. He no longer cares. They came back in ecstasies, in which Mr.

Alix rated it liked it Oct 24, Thank goodness I have got a change for you on the mule. Commentary Forster anchors this story in Greek tragedy, explicitly identifying Mr.

Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Jan rated it really liked it Colojus 05, Kate added it Sep 23, He is noted for his use of symbolism as a technique in his novels, and he has been criticised for his attachment to mysticism. The Greeks said nothing; but whenever Mr. Ethel with her never tiring care for her father seems to be the character to be blamed for Mr Ftom conditions – finally: Forman was not there to forestall his opinions—glad even that he should not see Ethel for quite half an hour.

In order to preserve this feeling of liveliness, he wants to stay in the village, but is forced away by his daughter Ethel. There was rosd such thing as the solitude of nature for the sorrows and joys of humanity had pressed even into the bosom of a tree.


And at three in the morning a young hooligan passed by singing.

The Road from Colonus

Chip Follett rated forter it was ok May 05, Print this article Print all forsetr for this topic Cite this article. Ethel is about to be married—one assumes, to Mr. The people too seem kindly and civil. They think they have rescued him.

The woman inside received them with loud welcomes, and the young man, when no one frrom looking, began to lead Mr. He is known best for his feom and well-plotted novels examining class difference and hypocrisy in early 20th-century British society. After all, it is for his good that we do it. There was meaning in the stoop of the old woman over her work, and in the quick motions of the little pig, and in her diminishing globe of wool. Forsterwas an novelist, essayist, and short story writer.

Mr Lucas seeks in Greece the youth he has lost, of course does not find it which further increases his frustration – internal unrest vs. We employ similes for Nature, which the imagination revivifies. Lucas thought he had gained the day, he suddenly felt himself lifted off the ground, and sat sideways on the saddle, and at the same time the mule started off at a trot. Then the dog started, and after the dog the cat.

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