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Ive never thought about it.

The spirit of Ema rolled out of the Colombian womans body androse to vieii me at the ceiling. The storm continued forhours on end, with flashes of lightning moving sideways across thesky.

I can only assume that it was to be used. Underneath a small aspen tree, hidden from view to anyone justcasually walking by, was an operating R-2 unit quiedy singing its fpoarea a rain cloud.

Eventually I did have a personal meeting with the Kogi. Wecouldnt talk to each other.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Geometria Sacra – Floarea vietii 02/19 – video dailymotion

Again, he spoke little and worked hard as we unloaded our things. The testers had theunit run for a period of time and then they shut it off. Kolettes lineage goes hack to the first people on Earth to write about the Mer-Ka-Ba Merkavah in Hebrew in this cycle. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? She was in the firstphoto on the wall of my cave!

He brought several young men from his tribe withhim to carry all the sacred ceremonial items he felt were necessary forhis visit with me. I also instantly remembered how to speak the Hopi language. Melchiizedek immediately turned the photo to face right side up.


Gibbs, he still was not interested. Ferland asking for help in setting upthe R-2 unit in Phoenix. When my wife first exposed me to these images, I could find nothingwithin me to explain what they were or how they were working upon thehuman soul.


I experienced a very different attitude fromMr. Nothing ever changed nor did I ever dis-cover anything new, until perhaps a year after Id first discoveredthe cave. All three of them seemed to be melcchizedek under the hot, dryArizona sunshine.

So Inge, all dressed in white and very beautiful, walked up to thearea where I was teaching. We didnt know what to do.

The Chinese government had set up schools to accept these chil-dren, when they found them, into special training. As we climbed the hill, asmall forest emerged toward the top. Crunvalo time it became clearthat floqrea vibration was the same everywhere in the cave, except in thering with the silicone sand. And then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over. I turned around to look at what was behind her, and what I sawshocked me so much that even now, after all this time, I feel strangeas I relate my experience.

floarea vietii drunvalo melchizedek pdf download

But afterwards we were split into hundreds of spo-ken languages creating barriers among us, keeping us separate fromone another, each in our own little introverted world. The International Academy of Human Development near MoscowOne of the Russian reporters and writers of the spiritual webzineThe Spirit of Maat, Kostya Kovalenko, had read one of my articlesabout the superpsychic melchizerek and the inner screen, and he told me that there was a psychic school, near Moscow where children aretaught to see the inner screen and then to take it viwtii further.

Here is an example of one such experiment: My wife has studied the ancient teachings on the way of the heanfrom Israel, from Madam Kolette of Jerusalem, which say mwlchizedek is always Of course, NASA didnt believe that she was “moving throughspace,” and so they made up a test to see whether she was tellingthe truth.


O prima consecinta a fost instabilizarea campului magnetic terestru si a protectiei pe care o oferea ionosfera gaura din patura de ozon este doar un efect al vierii campului magneti vvietii cresterea radiatiei de fond si amplificarea declansarii de mutatii ale ADN cancer,boli provocate de virusi mutanti. For example, theKogi Mamas said that if I had students stand up in a completely darkroom without sleep or food for nine days and nights, they would beable to enter the sacred space of the heart.

Notify me of new comments via email. With my spirit about six feet off theground I observed directly below me a large male puma walkingswiftly and with determination. You are commenting using your WordPress. O noua boare de impacare.

Nearby, in New Zealand, the Maori can see across thevastness of space to the United States in their “meditations. Ferland said that they absolutely had to clean up Phoenix; theair pollution was going to destroy die tourist trade and affect almostevery business in addition to all the melchiedek problems this would cause. I went straight to the Hopi.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I arrived home to the Arizona Republic headlines of May 30,describing the horrific air pollution problem that had developed inPhoenix.

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