In FLCL Progressive, as a result of Julia Jinyu splitting off from her, Haruko’s hair is slightly shorter, spikier, and orange, but she retains her yellow eyes. FLCL (Japanese: フリクリ Hepburn: Furi Kuri, pronounced in English as Fooly Cooly) is an original video animation series written by Yōji Enokido, directed by. While FLCL’s literal “plot” resembles something of a Space Opera, its real appeal lies in one of two places: As a Coming-of-Age Story filled with allegorical and.

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This might also explain Naota’s attraction to Haruko. Archived from the original on April 27, BoomerjinksAug 13, BoomerjinksApr 23, Episode 3 has Naota’s head growth be a pair of cat ears, that are actually claw leg things from the Monster of the Weekand also get transferred to Ninamori briefly before the robot emerges and takes over her body. Adult Swim pilots and specials. Retrieved December 19, All you gotta do now is convince your girlfriend to start dressing like Haruhara Haruko.

Dark Horse Yrllow Inc. This made the scooter undesirable for a collector, but ideal for someone who wanted to turn it into a nerdmobile. Mamimi’s apparent pyromania is never questioned.

Naota’s cat ears in episode 3 get compared to Doraemon despite that character not having ears.

FLCL (Anime) – TV Tropes

It really irritates Naota, and ends up being a major plot point as it leads him to try to act older than he is. His mere physical presence on Earth weakens gravity for miles in all directions as everything is pulled into his N.


I gotta settle for a Yoko Toonami programming and soundtracks. However, Yoji Enokido’s novelization of this episode has a much older Ninamori narrating it as a frame story, and she says that she didn’t see Naota again after high school.

Yelolw from the original on October 3, Archived from the original on December 16, Aaaaand just for fun, me looking way too large to be on a tiny scooter.

The Last Dark Blood: The whole time I was looking through this thread, the song Ride on Shooting Star kept going through my head!! Great people, awesome place.

The Movie Sakura Wars: They may be on to something Very well done, it turned out beautifully! Aka Shikabane Hime: It’s a deconstruction of a deconstructionwith the Mind Screw left intact, and not a single phallic symbol removed.

GetoninjaMay 18, BoomerjinksMay 4, Archived from yellow original on December 20, Anime and manga portal. There are some people who had no idea what the hell they were watching the first time they sat through the series.

Cutie Honey Diebuster — Mahoromatic: This is usually for a reason, though, either for comedic effect or to provide a parallel between two scenes. Go with a high quality, heavy weight paper for your posters.

FLCL – Haruko’s Vespa SS 180 Scooter

October 1, [36]. KnowoneMay 2, He’s wearing it to hide the cat ears. FLCL has received a mostly positive reception. On the other hand, we have no idea which, if either, is actually her real name.


Retrieved 3 July Retrieved March 21, In Japan, Alternative and Progressive had theatrical screenings with Alternative opening on September 7, and Progressive opening flfl September 28, G Hiroki Sato Gainax.

This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat So I made up a story about going snowmobiling across the divide with my brother as a cover to keep my wife from asking too many questions.

Her entire goofy personality is an act to lower everyone’s guard. That was pretty cool.

The fifth lfcl featured a whole crew of Men in Black that were hired to take out Haruko. Retrieved May 7, But FLCL does succeed in its true objective.

On both occasions where she fully disguised herself, her victims were completely hellow until she decided to drop the act. To lots and lots of other anime, with references ranging from sly and subtle to blatant ripoffs. I tried so hard to find a used helmet that I could mod, but in the end this worked. The live action moped in the end credits.

Gand King Records.

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