Common Grass Yellow butterfly (Eurema hecabe) – complete detail. Description of Common Grass Yellow butterfly – Eurema hecabe. This Caterpillar is initially a uniform pale green. Eurema hecabe. Later instars are green with a white band along each side edged with yellow, and are covered. Eurema hecabe, also called the Common grass-yellow, is a small Pierid butterfly species found in Asia or Africa. Known simply as “the grass yellow” in parts of.

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I usually found that this variety of butterflies laying single eggs in different leaves. Adult behaviour Males congregate to imbibe mineralised moisture from damp sandbanks, often in scores. Antennae, head, thorax and abdomen similarly coloured.

In a few specimens there is also jecabe small reddish-brown spot in interspace near the tornus.

Butterflies of the World: Each segment of the body is ribbed vertically, and covered in small tubercules, giving it a rough textured appearance. Eurema hecabe Linnaeus, It breeds mainly in open or disturbed habitats including forest clearings, along roadsides and riverbanks, and in parks and gardens. I could see two butterflies of this species come together and inspected the most tender leaves of a plant.

Butterfly species diversity, relative abundance and status in Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jaba After hatching, the young caterpillar eats the empty egg shell for its first meal, and then moves on to eat the leaf lamina for subsequent meals.

Female forewing size Odonata mm. Bill Length Birds cm. Document specific search options Title. Ltd preview in Google Books.

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In a preliminary study on the butterflies of Dakshina Kannada District, located in the eurem There are typically two cell spots on the forewing – a characteristic that is mainly used to identify the lookalike species in the genus.

We present a systematic, updated checklist of larval host plants of the butterflies of the Western Very similar to that of the male but without the sex-mark; uerema black areas on both forewings and hindwings slightly broader, with the inner edge of the black terminal band on the hindwing often diffuse. The body colour turns yellowish green as growth progresses. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. The Julia Heliconian’s Samba Continues Butterflies of Vietnam Book Review: Male wingspot color Odonata. A miniscule droplet of fluid can be found at the tip of each setae. If so, please share it here. Diversity of butterflies Order: Eurema hecabe is found across the entire African continent, throughout most of Asia south of the Himalayas, on most of the islands of the south Pacific, and across much of Australia.

They are such bright cheerful butterflies! Complete fields in red above.

India Biodiversity Portal

Indian and global distribution: The caterpillars feed on the young eurena tender leaves of the host plants. Caterpillars of the World. Search in all groups Search within this group. Vidarbha region of Maharashtra State, India, is gifted with diverse butterfly habitats. Hceabe is a small town on the western bank of the Hugli River, a distributary of the river Gange Compared to those in the previous instar, these setae carpeting the body and head capsule are proportionately shorter and greater in number.


A New Discovery in ! Eurema is my favourite genus of butterflies. Eurema hecabe Linnaeus Eurema hecabe BangaloreIndia E. Describes the likelihood of the species becoming extinct in the present day or in the near future. The borders broader in female. With its posterior end secured to the silk pad via claspers, and the body suspended at the mid-section with the girdle, the caterpillar soon becomes immobile in this pre-pupatory pose.

Retrieved from ” https: The platform is designed for aggregating, displaying and analysing durema data from tropical developing countries and other biodiversity hotspots such as India.

Forewing with broadly black excavated border in the apex and termen.

Butterflies of Africa – Eurema hecabe

In addition, on the forewing there is a preapical, very prominent, transverse, elongate spot or short bar or reddish brown extended downwards from the costa. Rubiaceaea keystone shrub species i Indian Foundation for Butterflies — Butterflies of India.

In a study on the diversity and abundance of butterflies heabe montane forests of Eravikulam National From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Happy Birthday, BC Blog!

Females are more discreet in hexabe, normally being seen singly when nectaring. The butterfly diversity of Baghmundi, Purulia District

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