EPA Method A in the EPA methods list database. View all EPA methods. EPA Method A: Chlorinated Biphenyl. Congeners by HRGC/HRMS. Horizon Technology, Inc., Salem, NH. Horizon Technology, Inc., 45 Northwestern Dr. Ecology may require or allow the use of the most current accepted revision of EPA Method (USEPA, ) at contaminated sites, instead.

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In this event, prepare a fresh calibration standard or correct the problem and repeat the resolution Section Store in a desiccator.

The blanks must be analyzed during the same period that samples are analyzed, ideally over an approximately 1-month period. Dilute the Labeled cleanup standard stock solution Section 7. Instrument internal standard 8. The laboratory attempted to extract the samples a second time, this time using 2 grams each.

Development of accuracy statements is described in Section 9. If the recovery cannot be brought within the normal range after all cleanup procedures have been employed, water samples are diluted and smaller amounts of soils, sludges, sediments, and other matrices are analyzed per Section One of these aliquots will serve as the Method blank.

US EPA METHOD A/B/C “STARTER KIT” – Cambridge Isotope Laboratories –

This fraction will contain the mono- and di-ortho CBs. WHO toxic congener Table A If a smaller aliquot of soils or mixed- phase samples is analyzed, attempt to assure that the sample is representative. Significant means that the ML for the congener is no less than 2 standard deviations above the average mean level in the minimum 16688a 10 blanks Reference If blanks from bottles or other glassware or with fewer cleaning steps than required above show no detectable CB contamination, unnecessary wpa steps and equipment may be eliminated.


If, however, any compound fails its respective limit, the measurement system is not performing properly. Because PCBs are known to be persistent in the environment, wastewater samples will not be stored on ice. Of significance with this method is 6168a benefit that measured concentrations are corrected by the isotope dilution technique, even when the recovery of the labeled compounds is low.

Samples containing multiple phases 1668x pressure filtered and any aqueous liquid is discarded. Collect one liter or a larger or smaller volume of sample sufficient to meet project needs. If channeling is present, discard the column and prepare another.

A new footnote 1 to Table 6 references the Epaa interlaboratory study report, and the other footnote numbers are incremented. Results appear slightly skewed to lower standard deviation at low concentration. Without sufficient information to support the summary level results submitted, it was not possible to investigate potential causes of the observed low recoveries. If the amount of material in the extract will overload pea column, split the extract into fractions and combine the fractions after elution from the column.

The CBs are listed in Table 1. If this loss is excessive, use Soxhlet extraction with methylene chloride Section Because the instrument is operated in the high-resolution mode, mass drifts of a few ppm e. Laboratories will not be allowed to average results or perform other data manipulations beyond those described in Method A.


The spike concentrations displayed in Figure do not epq exactly the concentrations that were spiked see Table because coelutions result in combined concentrations.

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A 5-mL syringe is recommended for this operation. The sample processing laboratory was required to perform background and homogeneity analyses of both the biosolids and tissue matrices.

Results of the homogeneity analyses are discussed in Section 4. If carbon particles are ep in the eluate, filter through glass-fiber filter paper. Given the cost of disposal, it is prudent to minimize solvent wastes.

Lower levels may be readily achievable if segregation and extensive cleaning of glassware is employed. The QCS is obtained from a source external to the laboratory or is prepared from a source of standards different from the source of 16668a standards.

Method A Interlaboratory Validation Study Report

It is used to check laboratory performance with test materials prepared external to the normal preparation process. Use the following procedure for Florisil activation and column packing.

Backgrounds of Toxics with congener numbers,, and are common.

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