was published on the day of Charles’ burial when “sentiment for and against the King had reached a state of frenzy.” It was the. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Eikon Basilike, Or, The King’s Book. Edited by Edward Almack. London: A. Moring, Limited, At the De la More Press, text from an “advance copy” of the first.

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The main body of the work was probably metal movable type since it was introduced in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In truth, the reaction would be one bsilike shock and uncertainty as the realization of what had been done finally sunk in. Perhaps the goal of the Royalist camp in perpetuating the martyrdom of Charles was to discredit the actions of Puritan government of the Commonwealth as the actions of religious fanatics.

Copyright The Columbia University Press. I have recently bought an oil painting from a car boot sale that is the exact same as the Eikon Basilike picture that is in this article. Did readers leave any marks? There are further copies of the text eion throughout the library in other distinct collections, including the Royal Library the ekon of Bishop John Moore, presented by King George I inthe library of Sir Geoffrey Keynes acquired in and that of the Rousseau scholar R.

Written in a simple, moving and straightforward style in the form of a diarythe book combines irenic prayers urging the forgiveness eikonn Charles’s executioners with a justification of royalism and the King’s political iekon military programme that led to the Civil War. The trial and public execution were meant to be the final blows to the ideology of sacral monarchy and the legitimacy of the king, however they had the adverse effect of turning Charles I into a martyr in the eyes of many of his former subjects.


The Library holds over fifty copies of the text, in various languages, most of which are gathered together at the classmark CCA-E.

Editions also appeared in Latin, French, German and Dutch. This binding is a mere mm tall. Basilik coronation ceremony in which the monarch was anointed with holy oils was nothing more than a formality as, in theory, a king received his crown because God had chosen him from birth. The pourtraiture of truths most sacred majesty truly suffering, though not solely.

Consequently the identification of printers with particular anonymous editions has often been achieved by comparing their decorative initials and type with those of known printers of the day. Politics, Religion and Literature in the Seventeenth Century. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The War of Words: Eikon Basilike and the Martyrdom of Charles I – Early Modern England

A new edition, corrected by the late Reverend Richard Baron. Charles’s chief weakness, it says, was in yielding to Parliament’s demands for the head of the Earl of Strafford ; for this sinCharles paid with his throne and his life. The heavily allegorical frontispiece of the Eikon Basilike depicts the King as a Christian martyr. A number of the volumes were owned by women. In it even appeared in musical form, with a verse rendering by Thomas Stanley and music by John Wilson.

The canvas I have seems to be very very old,i have had someone look at the wood that is in the canvas and have been told that it is over years old Elkon picture is the only I can find on the internet and I would love more information on my oil painting Reply. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is eion for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

This unbookish—indeed anti-bookish—book thus turned print against itself”. What made these efforts even more futile was that many printers chose to publish their copies of Eikon Basilike anonymously so as not to attract the attention of the authorities. It is now generally agreed that Gauden is likely to have compiled the text using some authentic writings of the King as a foundation.

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The story of his downfall is soon told; his belief in the Divine Right of Kings and apparent Basilile sympathies led to unpopularity with the people and Parliament, the ultimate result of which was Civil War from That I may be destroyed, as with greater pomp and artifice so with less pity, it basiliike be but a necessary policy to make my death appear as an act of justice done by subjects upon their sovereign; who know that no law of God or man invests them with any power of judicature without me, much less against me; and who, being sworn and bound by all that is sacred before God and man to endeavor my preservation, must pretend justice to cover their perjury.

The War of Words: Eikon Basilike and the Martyrdom of Charles I

And shine more bright In sad Affliction’s darksom night. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eikon Basilike and the Martyrdom of Charles I. The large number of different editions in one library allows one to study and understand the way in which the various editions were produced, badilike copy-specific features including bindings, bookplates and annotations allow one to find out how the books were used, received and thought of by readers from the seventeenth century through to the twentieth.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

With a joyfull and satisfactory answer thereunto. Many copies are pocket-sized, which allowed them to be easily concealed by their owners. The book was quite popular despite official disapproval during the Protectorate and the Restoration ; it went into 36 editions in alone. In answer to a book intitled, Eikon Basilike, the portraiture of his Sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings.

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