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I believe that was one of the reasons it was so hard for me to see this character as a great leader to many people. She seems to go out of her way to emphasize his compassion and enlightened at least by 7th-century standards views of women.

And dravulj was ok- just ok. I also read some criticism that said the author’s scholarship the book purports to be historical fiction was fast and loose. The pain of growing up in a society where you have no voice, but still possess the will to fight and be heard is felt in every passage. The Prophet Muhammad, who is arguably one of the most influential people who has ever lived, was portrayed as a womanizer who is primarily concerned with acquiring more wives, although meeine author does go out of her way to highlight drsgulj compassion and “enlightened” views of women.

A’ishah, the heroine of the piece, has red hair and green eyes, so I’m not sure who the cover is supposed to depict. A sequel, “The Sword of Medina,” continues the story of A’isha’s life after Muhammad’s death and the rivalry with his cousin, Ali, which led to the first Islamic civil war and the Sunni-Shia split.


It appeared well-researched but I am not convinced of the writer’s skills in storytelling. Louis, made her fame on the Paris stage at 19, worked as a spy dragulm WWII, and became an important civil rights activist in the United States.

Unfortunately, this novel is not worth the hype. Medins The Jewel of Medina did not receive the same kind of promotion or welcome. Since I have some basic knowledge of Islam already, I didn’t learn much at all no discussion of Islam’s appeal, for example and Mohammad himself remains an enigma.

I would love to see a similar novel dealing with the period when he was married to Khadija, his first wife. And he msdine seems to be filled with lust for women and power. This isn’t only because of Aisha’s independence and desire for equality, but because of the alliances between women that were established in this novel.

Dragulj Medine by Sherry Jones (3 star ratings)

Muhammad himself is painted as a mostly-wise m I read this over six months ago, and it was not exactly the most stand-out thing I’ve read of late. Trivia About The Jewel of Medina. I have studied Islam, and this is the first time I’ve even been able to keep them all straight. Back to the book itself – two stars for a promising premise and enjoyable read, but it stays just dfagulj the two stars because had it been written by another writer, it probably would’ve been better than how it is now!

Girls were married off as soon as they began their monthly cycles–and sometimes before! This has been my first exposure to anything involving the life of Mohammad, and I found it eye-opening. She always starts out by disliking people and has to be brought drragulj to to liking them.

Beginning with an unusually early purdah fo A’isha bint Abi Bakr has known the prophet Muhammad all her life; in fact, he was present at her birth.


Dragulj Medine

The inconsistency doesn’t ever stop, it’s in all of the characters. It concentrated on the aspirations of a young girl A’isha but never showed readers just how deep her love was for Mohammed and yet I believe this was what the author was trying to show.

Religious retellings of the Bible and Torah have been incredibly popular; the difference between The Jewel of Medina and them is negligible in quality and creative license. But Aishah is not very credibly portrayed and character development is awkward and abrupt.

Dragulj Medine by Sherry Jones (5 star ratings)

Having mexine the book first hand I can easily and comfortably say there is nothing in their defense that makes any sense. A book everybody should read no matter their religionorigins or ideas.

This is true in A’isha’s story.

The book is considered historical fiction and the wives’ story is largely fabricated, although the main events are factual. While not a history non-fiction, it is incredibly well researched making the novel accessible to those who do not know much about that time and still engaging to those of us who do. No trivia or quizzes yet. So, I read it, and what I found was a bit disappointing.

I wish there more than five stars to rate this one!! A decent piece of historical fiction, depicting the early life of Aisha, favorite wife of the prophet Muhammad.

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