DQT Handbook – Arabic – RTA . Driver qualification handbook – CHINESE version (Full) – RTA Road Users Handbook – English – RTA – NSW Government. DQT Handbook – Vietnamese – RTA. READ . Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy Vietnam Handbook (Footprint Travel Guide) (Footprint Handbook). View More. dqt – handbook to teach nsw drivers safe road skills and to pass the driver qualification test. Road Users’ Handbook • Hazard perception handbook.

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Some stupid answer -use your mobile to call the truck driver and tell him to slow down. I also read the book but struggled to remember the big number of different statistics, the summary of this article was very helpful!

What percentage of fatigue related crashes happen on metropolis roads? You do not have to turn right in every video.

What percentage of accidents happen in high alcohol hours? What percentage of crashes are fatigue related? Cheers for the help. Negligent driving has a maximum prison term of: What do i mean by a gap? G 1 May at Ok dumbo if so many people do it then why not fix the problem.


Unknown 6 January at When do most speed related crashes occur? Hey Mel, No they are different, but the concept is the same.

For some of the clips you need touch the screen more than once. What are the causes of fatigue? Hey thanks, sorry but it’s been so long I did the test I don’t remember now.

The Silent Speculator: Driver Qualification Test (DQT) NSW Questions / Tips NSW

You had hazards coming every where, so keep your eyes peeled. Unknown 26 Handboom at They are quite similar. So do not worry about the Part 1, I might have one question going wrong where they asked me about Fatigue and its percentage but i quess its OK. I clicked twice for this one, once right after the clip started my car was following TOO CLOSE to the car in front and second click when I was approaching a pedestrian crossing the car in front hit the brakes, so as soon as that happened, I tapped the screen.

A word of warning: I had a guy literally fly out backwards from his driveway very suddenly. How far ahead should you be looking as part of a scanning routine? I made sure what I read here was seared into my brain, and it worked.


I’m not sure why turning after the second car white is wrong. G 20 July at For the question you mentioned about the truck tailgating, the correct answer is to slow down gently, NOT accelerate.

Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Test) Questions Online for FREE

They have all appeared in the HPT. Turning right was like 5 out of 10 questions so make sure you are well prepared for turning right questions. Got full marks for the first one.

If you have a shred of common sense and read the multiple choice questions below you’ll complete Part 1 in under 7 minutes with flying colors! G 18 May at You are driving on a 3 lane freeway in between two trucks.

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