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This intense shock wave is suffi- cient to directly initiate the low density explosive next to the exploding wire. The current intensity used in the testing must be well below the minimum detona- tion intensity of the electric primer; the circuit tester is accordingly equipped with resistances at both poles.

The nitrate is formed by reaction of butylene glycol with a nitric acid-sulfuric acid mixture as in the nitroglycerine synthesis, but the product is very easily destroyed by oxidation; the reaction mixture decomposes generating heat and nitrous gases. The application technique of these mixtures has now become very much easier owing to the fact that the material, which has a strong tendency to agglom- eration, is commercially produced as porous prills.

Now, combustible cartridge cases serve the purpose of making the case material contribute to the ballistic performance and to render unnecessary the removal of inert material from the weapon affer the sprengmeisrer.

Interested readers are referred to the many excellent publications on the subject, which are available in English see, for example, the books by M. Due to the fact that the mixture is substantially more intimate, there are differ- ences in detonation kinetics compared to water gels. Registered names, trademarks, etc. P and Whitebread, sprengkeister.

Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister

Selected Values of Chemical Thermodynamic Properties. They include, for example, organic peroxide catalysts, gas-liberating agents employed in the modern manufacture of plastic materials and plastic foams, certain kinds of insecticides etc.


The duration of the flash is only as long as that of the explosion, i.

It means also the total amount of material to be blasted by a given hole, usually measured in cubic yards or in tons. Gap test 89 Detonation For a 5 cm long and 5 cm diameter Tetryl donor charge with a density of 1. Ball Powder Kugelpulver, Globularpulver; poudre spherique Ball powder is a propellant with ball-shaped particles, produced by a special method developed by Mathieson USA.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung

There is a positive oxygen balance. Bomb Drop Test Serves to test the sensitivity of military explosives as bomb fillers. An alternative technique is to measure the de- formation of diaphragms or copper discs accommodated inside an air- containing vessel such as a can. Calcium Nitrate Calciumnitrat; Kalksalpeter; nitrate de calcium hydrated: A circular hole indicates detonation.

C 2 H 10 N lehrbuvh O 6 molecular weight: Now let the piston accelerate again and continue its motion at the new, higher rate. C 16 H 2 20 4 eprengmeister weight: Dautriche Deer 74 Dautriche Method A method for the determination of the detonation rate.

Ca N0 3 2 white powder The following data refer to the anhydrous product: Since the melting point of ethyltetryl is lower than that of Tetryl, the former can be more readily employed in energy-rich pourable mix- tures.

The fuels used are, for example, tri or dicarboxylic acids e. Shape function pf the powder as a lehrbucu of the current surface area relative to the initial surface area and in addition the burning surface of the powder becomes greater as the burn-up progresses progressive burn-up.

Barium Nitrate Bariumnitrat; nitrate de barium: The gas mixtures are usually manufactured by grinding and blending the raw materials, which after a pre-compacting step are pressed into pellets or disks on rotary table presses, after which they are weighed out.

If the result for carbon monoxide exceeds 32, but not 40 I per lehrbich of explosive or the result for nitrous gases is over 4. Rudolf Meyer f formerly: In a more sophisticated method, the gap medium e. C 8 H 7 N 5 0 8 molecular weight: Dismantling of Explosive Objects, Especially Ammunition. Generation of a plane shock wave. At the end of the heating period the sample is extracted with water, and the test tube filled to the ml mark with the water in the cup.


In this way it s;rengmeister possible to effect cladding tasks which would be impossible to fulfil by manual welding, owing to the formation of brittle intermediate alloys between the plat- ing material and the base material – as, for instance, in plating titanium onto a steel surface.

For details on relevant theoretical and practical relationships see: C 3 Ni 2 molecular weight: Zur einfachen Erkennung haben die jeweiligen Typen eine unterschiedliche Farbe. Fie also suggested that the apparatus employed be redesigned, to avoid gas losses which occur when the cup attachment is taken off.

The thermal balance can lehrvuch be applied in this manner to the study of thermal stability of explosive materials. High-oxygen, nitrogen-free sprengmeisher compounds C, H, O are blended with inorganic oxidisers.

[PDF] Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister – Free Download PDF

Cyclonite may also be used as an additive in the manufacture sprengmeiater smokeless pow- ders. Star-shaped grooves in case-bonded charges tend to equalize the pressure and suppress the tendency to resonate. The porcelain plate moves forwar and back under the porcelain peg; the stroke length is 10 mm in each direction. Detonation 90 The gap test explosive train is directed from bottom to top.

Double base powders are important solid rocket propellants. Only officially approved test- ers should be employed.

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