MasterInject – A two component system based on low-viscosity epoxy resins . Formerly Concresive Description. A two component system based on. CONCRESIVE® (Rebond LV). A two component epoxy resin system based on low-viscosity resins. Ideal for sealing static cracks from widths greater than. MasterInject will enable a structural repair to be effected and offers high compressive strength. Can be used as a fluid grout up to thicknesses of 9mm.

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Polyurethane moisture reactive expands in contact with water. A graded, high purity quartz aggregate. Rust convertor for rusted steel reinforcement in concrete repair situations…. High performance, thixotropic epoxy concrete …. Dual — shrinkage compensated, micro — concrete for concrete repairs …. Single component,fibre reinforced,thixotropic repair mortar….

Full strength at 7 days instead of 28 days In Liquid form. Single component polymer modified re — profiling mortar for concrete surfaces …. Solvent -free,Moisture — insensitive epoxy resin for crack injection….

MasterInject 1315 (Concresive 1315 Base)

Free — flowing, colourless, solvent — free liquid…. Acrylic modifier for producing site — batched polymer modified mortar…. A self-smoothing floor underlayment for use over poured in-situ and precast concrete floors. Floor or wall coating for food pharmaceutical companies. The injection resin can be used to fill and bond dormant cracks in: Close Login Please login with your username and password.


Pure aliphatic acrylate based protective and decorative coating for concrete…. Cookies help us deliver our services. Heavy Duty Polyurethane Conresive for floors with aggressive chemicals, heavy impact.

Single component, moisture curing, PU wall coat for clean rooms…. High early strength – precast In Liquid Form. Hot Line Number High strength, fibre reinforced, thixotropic repair mortar …. Can be used as a fluid concgesive up to thicknesses clncresive 9mm.

Coating for screed for curing. Excellent wear and abbrasion resistant hygienic, chemical resistant, safe for food industry. Solvent free epoxy mortar for bedding and repairing….

13155 based epoxy floor and wall coating for concrete and masonry wall for chemical resistance, dustfree, non staining and sealer safe for food industry. A graded, high purity quartz aggregate with a particle size in the range 0. Can’t access your account? A 2-component coating which, when applied to Mastertop coatings, produces a flexible wear-resistant. Epoxy bonding adhesive for segmental construction and old to old concrete bonding ….

White pigment for solar reflection. Penetrative water repellent sealer cum primer for concrete and masonry surfaces….

BASF Products – Kenbro Industries

MasterInject will enable a structural repair to be effected and offers high compressive strength. A protective waterproof coating for concrete structures.

  LEI 10165 DE 2000 PDF

Solvent free car park coating Epoxy based concrete floors. Micro — Silica enhanced, dry process shotcrete for repair to large surface areas…. It is highly penetrative and cures to form a permanent and rigid seal against the ingress of corrosive fluids and gases and is capable of restoring structural integrity to concrete concresve.

Close Select your language This page is available in the following languages: G 2 Part polsulphide expansion joint sealant – Horizontal Joints 1. Pitch extended epoxy coating to protect marine and waste water concresivee structures …. Partners Construction Chemical Division. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. A non-toxic solvent free high build protective Epoxy Resine coating, for internal protection of concrete concreisve metal watertanks drinking water.

Plasticizer specially engineered for use in production hollow-core slabs, masonry and paving blocks.

MasterInject 1315 – A two component system based on low-viscosity epoxy resins.

Floor levelling compound for producing smooth finish on uneven floors H. Has a low viscosity and will penetrate deeply into very narrow cracks and cavities. A two component system based on low-viscosity epoxy resins.

High Performance Epoxy Primer….

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