Complete Arcane, 03/16/ Complete Champion Complete Scoundrel, 09/ 24/ Complete 02/16/ Expanded Psionics Handbook, 02/16/ I remember the old forum had a thread for Ultimate Psionics Errata I Does the errata for psionics expanded apply to Ultimate Psioincs?. I haven’t seen official errata yet on complete psionic – and I’m missing something. In the original version of astra construct – I didn’t see anything.

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November 07, See what I said about the divine mind, above.

However the character could take the http: I personally like CP. The editing is really poor. And speaking of, I think a rewording of Linked Power is in order.

complete psionic errata

Procrastination is the thief of time; Year after year it steals, till all are fled, And to the mercies of a moment leaves; The vast concerns of an eternal scene. I kinda wanna change the Anarchic Grace ability to just grant concealment for 1 minute, since it’s so easy to stack miss chances until you can’t be hit. Somehow I don’t think “because it’s Psionics infecting the hitherto pure and unsullied Complete books, we must burn out the infestation” is the reason the WOTC Psionics forums seemed to dislike the book so much.

The time now is Man this thing was full of outdated stuff. Originally Posted by Rachel Lorelei. Out of the PrCs, the Ebon Psuonic isn’t bad for that psionic assassin niche role.


The violation of psionics’ distinct flavor counted for a lot of that, I think. Complete Psionic has psionic stuff. And who needs to have the same power printed in CPsi, when it’s already in 2 other places? Psychic Enervation should stack properly. Originally Posted by kamikasei.

Complete Psionic Errata Discussion

Here is the relevant text: Since they already gained the Gunsmithing feature, they have no need by RAW to roll craft checks to create firearms, needing only to pay the requisite amount in materials. Unlocked Talent is the winner. Concerned about how moderation works here? What if I want to actually have options for my current characters?

Yeah, the PrCs pretty much sucked. November 29, Last edited by Artanis; at First and foremost, fix the Mind Blast. Tips for new players My homebrew and other works Got a question for the mods? Thanks to phildwsn research, here are the official starting age so far: Our task is simple: Divine magic and incarnum? And that’s just the very beginning.

That usually errzta within the area of Retconning the material. Ectopic Adept would take an un-nerfing of the AC first, not sure where to start really, since most of the forms are actually worse than even the nerfed AC.

Ectopic Adept is a corner case to the AC nerf, and then strangely weak. Sift through the pages and find every single piece of RAW that needs to be fixed up, starting with Chapter 1. The Practiced Manifester feat is controversial – I personally like it. Seems designed for Divine Mind, but with almost no interaction, like the Auras.


I all ready put the AI errata up they do stack, which does suck. Level 5 is near useless and late.

Rewording it to do so will be simple and I’ll make sure it doesn’t result in an infinite loop like Master Spellthief can. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Sinfire Titan on November 11, I’m going to make Dire Augments be useable with Lurk Augments, so the class has some options to replace those horrid dead levels.

E playtest thread…I noticed that the Cannoneer seems to have an ability that has no use — specifically, Gun Crafter.

I’m right now paging through the Complete Psionic.

Ultimate Psionics Errata

Originally Posted by Armads. I’m psiohic a fan of the erudite. Scott The New World, Part 9: Not messing with the sample NPCs at all for this book Tzeentch only knows how many problems they have. Really just an alternate progression for Lurks, or the occasional Psychic Rogue.

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