ProwessIQ: Contents Overview. Query Trigger Names, No. of Indicators/Filters. Registration. Register to access all CMIE services. A single one-time. Prowess is a database of the financial performance of companies. Annual Reports of companies, stock exchanges and regulators are the principal sources of.

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September Vintage Released. Annual Reports of companies, stock exchanges and regulators are the principal sources of the data. The Prowess database includes all companies traded on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, thousands of unlisted public limited companies and hundreds of private limited companies.

Each is designed to facilitate the querying of a distinct part of the database. RBI says health of banks set to improve. Query 3, 49,Annual Financial Statements: Centre mulls waiving interest on crop loans for farmers who pay on time. The reports provide financial information including analytical ratios and benchmark comparisons.

The financial markets flutter. Prowess dx delivers data for over 40, Indian companies.


Querying can therefore be an iterative process to discover the companies that best meet the criteria articulated by you. CCEA clears public offer plans of 7 state-run companies. All queries in ProwessIQ aim at finding companies that match a given set of search conditions.


There are over 3, data-fields per company in the Prowess database. The user-interface is extremely simple. ProwessIQ provides time-series data from The database is built from the audited Annual Reports of companies and information submitted to the Ministry of Company Affairs; and in the case of listed companies, the database also includes company filings with stock exchanges and prices of securities listed on prrowess major stock exchanges. Prowess dx facilitates replication.

Structured Query 7 18,Raw Material Consumed: Prowess dx facilitates easy downloading of the data in simple text format.

Banks credit growth accelerates with new NPA possibilities. Fiscal deficit to exceed budget estimates of Prowess dx is a special delivery of the famous Prowess database with a user-interface that is designed for the academic research community.

It consists of a client software that provides an interface to construct and submit queries over the internet to the Prowess database and receive answers to the queries from the database. Prowess dx delivers financial performance data and markets data. The client server is prowees and maintained by CMIE.


Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Prowess is a well-accepted database with several research papers published prowesd reputed peer-reviewed journals. December Vintage Released. Academics will appreciate Prowess dx. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. It is simple and easy to use. The ProwessIQ interface therefore consists of a large number of query construction facilities, display of query results in spreadsheets and the further use of the results of queries.

Unemployment Rate Per cent prodess. By Products – Interim Quarterly. ProwessIQ accesses this updated Prowess database.

CMIE User Registration Site

Prowess dx India Academics will appreciate Prowess dx. Kharif farm income to recover in Prowess dx contains data on over 48, companies and has a year time-series for the older companies. Advanced Query 37,Interim Financial Statements: Financial statements are standardised.

By Geography – Annual Financials. Financial Statements – Combined:

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