This Ordinance applies to residences within the city of Chicago only. Please see the Exceptions to the RLTO to ensure the law applies to you. For tenants in. The Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) is the preeminent source of tenants’ rights law for those that live in the City of Chicago. To download a full copy. Most residential tenants in Chicago are protected by the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (“RLTO”), which grants many rights and remedies to .

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Like everything else under this section, the amount that can be recovered must be proven reasonable. Retaliation includes, but is not limited to: I wound up with swollen legs and the inability to walk for a couple weeks, but thankfully I lived.

Delivery of possession of the rental unit in suitable condition Sometimes landlords are unable or unwilling to provide their tenant with possession of an apartment at the time the lease begins.

Failure to maintain and repair any equipment which the landlord supplies or is required to supply; or. Retaliation is a defense in a lawsuit for possession and a tenant may also recover twice the rent or twice actual damages, whichever is greater. Andy made me aware of many things in the law that I never saw despite the hours of research I did on my own previously.

This provision is one of the most commonly violated by landlords rrlto they often omit paying interest on the deposit when a tenant renews his lease. Damages can be recovered for interrupted utility service that the landlord is responsible for. The landlord can require that the tenant get his permission, but permission cannot be unreasonably withheld and the landlord may not impose additional fees or charges. If a tenant terminates a rental agreement without cause, the landlord must make a good faith effort to rent the apartment at fair rental value.

It’s good to have someone like Andy on your side, fighting for your restitution and welfare. We are only taking security deposit cases right now, but we have a large referral network. Chicago regulates security deposits in myriad of ways.

If the failure to deliver possession of the apartment was willful, the tenant may recover the greater of two months rent or the actual damages sustained. As such, we have a whole article devoted to Chicago security deposit law. However, citation by the City for code violations also isn’t a requirement before a tenant can allege non-compliance.


The tenant then may submit the paid bill to the landlord and deduct that amount from the rent. The disclosure obligation is a continuing obligation. A landlord may specifically not retaliate against a tenant if the tenant did any of the following in good faith:. After such notice, the tenant may during the period of the landlord’s noncompliance or failure: If the chicato noncompliance is not remedied within the time period so specified in the notice, the rental agreement shall terminate, and the rrlto shall deliver possession of the dwelling unit to the landlord within 30 days after the expiration of the time period specified in the notice.

From the very first time we talked, Andy really made me feel at ease. The tenant may sue the landlord for damages or claim the material noncompliance as a defense.

Chicago RLTO Tenant Remedies

Failure to comply with applicable requirements of the municipal code for the number, width, construction, location or accessibility of exits.

When a landlord is served with a foreclosure complaint, he must notify the tenant and any third party that is regularly paying rent for the tenantin writing, that the foreclosure action has been filed. This remedy is not available if condition was caused by the tenant or his family or guests. If the landlord does not fix the problem, the lease terminates and the tenant must vacate the unit within 30 days.

If the rental agreement is terminated, the landlord shall return all prepaid rent, security deposits and interest thereon in accordance with Section and tenant shall deliver possession of the dwelling unit to the landlord within 30 days after the expiration of the hour time period specified in the notice. Failure to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water.

The other remedies are specific to the type of violation. The landlord may not unreasonably withhold his consent and may not charge any additional fees or costs for allowing the sublease. If the landlord violates the duty to maintain, the tenant may: In either case, there has to be a real problem, as discussed above.


To vacate an apartment if there is fire or casualty damage If an apartment is damaged or destroyed due to a fire or other casualty causing it to violate the rental agreement or ordinances, the tenant may: Retaliatory Eviction Act Protects renters who make valid complaints. The landlord must disclose his identity or that of his agent At or before the start of a tenancy, the landlord must disclose, in writing, the name, address, and telephone number of: The Landlord may only access the unit for a proper purpose and must not do so for reasons or in a manner to harass the tenant.

That being said, I would have liked to see the party responsible go to jail. If the unit is in foreclosure prior to the tenant signing the lease, the proper notification must be given before the tenant enters into the agreement. We are only taking security deposit cases right now, but we have a large referral network.

Chicago Tenants Rights

Don’t do it unless you expect a judge or jury to believe it. Landlords must mitigate their damages. An unfortunate reality of recent times is that many parcels of real estate, including rental properties, are falling into foreclosure. Give written notice and terminate the rental agreement; or Demand performance of the rental agreement and sue the landlord and any person wrongfully in possession for possession of the apartment and recover damages.

The Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance considers the following acts retaliation:. If the landlord is able to sublease the unit, the tenant who terminated is only responsible to the extent that the landlord receives less in rent than he would have under the broken lease.

Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO)

The rules are numerous. Most of the basics are covered, like bugs, mice, leaks, no heat, cracked windows, no fire extinguishers rltp smoke detectors. If the tenant proceeds under this subsection fhe may not proceed under subsections c or d.

If you have questions about some other type of dispute, I hope this guide can be of help.

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