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One HD spill in spring of resulted from leakage from one or two gallon containers in a trailer during transport from Toxic Yard to Howitzer Hill. Jaye, ; Weston, ; U.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Mortar 33316 were once located in this area. None has ever been incinerated here. Fort Officials Probe Pesticide Spill. One H helicopter crashed at Pelham Range during filming of a training film.

Probably removed approx – Oil stains present on ground. Formerly used once a year. Two 15,gal USTs were removed in He doesn’t recall exactly where this is or what type of training occurred here; may have used live agent. Bragg hunted in Choccolocco Corridor as a youngster. AEC certified site clean in Buildings and ceraf area.


Use of propellant packs is ccerfa by some U. Mahan recalls a chute constructed of channel iron which was used to conducted a glass vial of agent to a metal plate.

Sponsler by Richard Goodyear. Dressed this area recently and placed rip-rap on the bank; created catch basin. Explosives were used during many of the security tests including ceraf clad shaped-charges.

R31 Shot hard target here as early as – Cobb does remember smoke training red, green, blue, and black being conducted in the vicinity of these ranges. Draft Archives Search Report: Precise impact areas are not easily defined. Initially built as hand grenade range and functioned in this capacity for years. January 11, April 18, Mr. Baker understands that the dogs were removed from FTMC because they were no longer needed.

Aerial Photo 3136 X.

A small amount of C-4 explosive is detonated in this pit in order to get the attention of trainees at the beginning of class. Also known as Area D; only used simulant agent; practiced decontamination procedures.

Prepared by George S. Cane Creek Nielsen St. Decontamination on hard surface; used talc to simulate calcium chloride slurry see annotated map.


Small Arms and Demolition Range Small arms, explosive residues. Southwest Main Post Dates of use: Mortar rounds used at FTMC are self contained; the propellant is an integral, internal component of the round. Ferfa facility originally constructed as a steam plant?

6.0 CERFA Findings

Goats – used at Howitzer Hill in demonstrations. Stump Dump received storm debris and 33166 debris sheet rock and concrete. Petroleum storage, possible release. Small amount of caustic stored onsite to prepare dilute mixture 55 derfa in 4, gallons of water.

Filters consist of activated carbon. M and M demo rounds only; inert rounds. Buried within the boundaries of the Toxic Gas Yard. Ranges and Chemical Training Areas. Used several types of ordnance projectiles in training exercises.

Soil appears excavated downhill of the bleachers location.

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