2 TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC User Manual. Thank you .. sound. In combination with our BEHRINGER tube technology, the operational amplifiers and a. Buy Behringer MIC – TUBE ULTRAGAIN Preamp featuring Single Channel, Tube Based Microphone Preamp Instrument DI. Review Behringer MIC 33 user reviews on Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC

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In preamp for acoustic guitar that is truly effective. The unit doesn’t clip except when you boost the instrument’s signal or when you pick up the sound of a speaker with a mic for example.

In which stage the tube actually works, etc.

It doesn’t really affect that much but enough to give most distortions more presence and warmth, especially if you behrinber digital distortion pedals. Needless to say that the presets are worthless at best and fraudulent at worst.

Attention, it does not heat the fat of a tube amp or high average range. So the MIC only works in distortion mode. This is actually how the vaguely positive opinion nly see it. It’s great with a multi-FX processor!


The lamp is a preamp, nothing to do with a tube guitar amppli example! Report an error Discontinued. Otherwise was unused before this. I have another preamp, Art in the same range, and the sound is essentially the same, but have not tried other preamps, I can not say if the sound is colored or not. A friend of mine convinced me to borrow his and I’m glad he did. I just got the MIC to use for recording and it not only boosts the input signal but warms my vocals up real nice and gives my guitar that classic tube sound.


Rated 4 out of 5 by Sir Carl’s Evil Twin. Sound coloration is very evident! I like this unit very much. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Overview – quick selection. I’ll make some new tests when the unit is hot and do some comparisons with modelings. I’ve since bought two of my own.

It’s a strange effect ultragsin an ADSR filter It colors and enhances every sound source very subtly. As a preamp tube is not only brief but highly questionable: It derives its personality from a hand-selected 12AX7 tube with UTC technology for superior tube behrjnger and low-noise operation.

Opened for photos, inspection, and brief testing only. Especially for electric guitars like in my case. With experience, you do again this choice? Subscribe to our free newsletter Tkbe. The MIC gives you the sound quality of a vintage tube preamp at a mere fraction of what a true relic of the s would cost. It’s my first tube gear. Write a review of this product Hide review form You’re reviewing: However you can use the limiter with low settings for phrases with short notes.

Having been familiar with not-so-great Behringer products, I assumed this would be just a cheap, pale immitation of the ART. When I see the lamp rotten, I dread to think the tube amp “Bugera” it is chilling. I bought this and a single channel U-Phoria and with my laptop I write anywhere I want and get some very mic020 sounds. No need to buy a more expensive if you do not have mastered the use of plugins!

It is also complements studio-grade condenser microphones.


Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC | Rapid Online

And I will probably choose a stereo one even if it’s more bulky. I haven’t tried out every combination but it’s true that the limiter reduces the dynamic range greatly.

ultrqgain It’s great with a multi-FX processor! Sort by most recent most useful. You get every function you need and the format is very convenient. Sometimes the selector generates some noise when manipulated.

The limiter effect is strange: It’s my first tube gear. It never ceases to amaze me the people who do this and gripe about the noise. It produces a really clean sound, even with the gain cranked up. Behringer is usually good at building sturdy, affordable devices that fulfill some basic function in recording, often surprisingly well. Preset EQ also very convenient and all the more so as it has a neutral position Very good value for money.

Behringer Ultragain MIC200 Vacuum Tube Modeling Preamp Preamplifier

The unit doesn’t clip except when you boost the instrument’s signal or when you pick up the sound of a speaker with a mic for example. Questions Ask a Question Be the first to ask a ultargain. That by itself is worth the price, but it has so much more to offer which is a bonus for me.

Biensur, the sound must be processed upon registration to obtain a good rendering. Available preset, but frankly it especially nice to see that there really is no difference

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