Inspiration Behind Harper’s Character Watch today’s video to see what TV series heroine inspired Harper in Beautiful Demons: I hope you. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the Peachville High Demons series: “You will be begging Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Beautiful Demons (The Shadow Demons Saga Book 1) by [Cannon, Sarra] . : Beautiful Demons (The Shadow Demons Saga) (Volume 1) ( ): Sarra Cannon: Books.

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Mandatory sexy guys, beautiful as girls, school thank God I don’t have to do that anymore. And most of the girls in these books tend to remain outcasts, so it was fun to see someone crack the popular clique not that it hasn’t been beautifl before-Elena in Vampire Diaries.

Especially if you love YA … [Read more Not that it was a cliffhanger or anything abhorrent like that, it just ended right as things started to shape up. I did have one night of weird dreams lol, but that’s a personal issue and nothing that would merit a reduction in stars.

I think the purpose of this book was to make a nice scene building for the next books in the series, and to raise our curiosity. I was instantly drawn in to Beautiful Demons because of the cover. I’m obsessed with making up new worlds and magic systems, putting fun twists on old ideas, and keeping my readers turning pages late into the night. If she’d only changed her personality right before she’d decided to kill Tori, no one would be fooled by it and the fact Lark says to Harper that Agnes is nice but she never stops talking, means Agnes has been cqnnon on a fake personality for probably years.


Sarrra really annoyed me, but then i actually wanted her to get closer to them, because they started being a bit dodgy. It was so sad reading about her watching other teens and just wishing she could be normal and relax like them!

There are a few twists beautiflu this one, not beautifu, mind altering twists, but twists nonetheless. I blame Buffy for this interest.

Beautiful Demons Box Set – Sarra Cannon

ssrra I was upset when Jackson didn’t jump in to save her, but then again why wwould he? Nothing feels out of dfmons or crammed in awkwardly to move the plot along. A lot of questions were raised, and not many were answered, which proves my point. What made her think this town was dedicated to helping people master their powers without hurting anyone, when one of the cheerleaders had just been found murdered by something supernatural?

Beautiful Demons

I’m giving it five stars without reservation. It gives me sarrra chance, to help spread the word about so many talented people Beautiful Demons, is a first in a series written by Sarra Cannon.

It’s hard for our heroine or us to know for sure, because she keeps having her memory altered. Jackson and Harper hit it off right away and she finds herself drawn to him. Straight on to the next one. Ok to be honest when I picked up this book to read and realized it was so short I did not expect much….

I’m obsessed with making up new worlds and magic systems, putting fun twists on old ideas, and keeping my readers turning pages late into the night. She gets moved in a group home after bouncing around from foster care homes, due to getting into trouble for things she can’t control.

Things like the outcasts versus the popular girls. To top this off, it does end on a cliffhanger. I know a lot of you who read this blog have already read all of my books in the Peachville High Demons series, but if you could help spread the word about this free ebook, maybe you can help me find even more fans and readers for the series!


Around the Year i No need for us to know everything, and there were clues! She was such a great character, misunderstood and different. The only problem I had was with the romance. A nice cliff hanger left me wanting more and anxiously awaiting the next in the series!

If you want to take a second to post this link on your facebook page, here is a direct link to the … [Read more One they’ve been waiting for. She knows that if she screws it up at this home, she’s going to be put in a juvenile detention center. It was like watching a movie and wanting to yell at the characters to not go into a certain room but you know they can’t hear you!

I didn’t feel like there was one huge plot but more like lots of little plots that tied in together. And I’ll probably edit this review when I can actually comprehend what the fuck happened.

This books was such a promising start.

She gets moved in a group home after bouncing around from foster care homes, due to getting into tro. Harper wasn’t like that though Other books in the beautifu. A book sitting on the side table.

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