The “Ethics of Emergencies” is an essay published in “The Virtue of Selfishness.” It addresses two main issues: how to think about ethical problems, and when. The first is that this chapter was not written by Ayn Rand. Usually, this would not be especially important, since she did include it in the book. 1 Tara Smith, Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist (New York: . Rand’s essay “The Ethics of Emergencies”13 as discussing “the status of rights.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If it is true that we are subject to the full consequences of reality yet that only portions of reality are subject to our comprehension or Objectivism fails. So I think [and as Ayn thought], it all really comes down to A is A!

She will, later in the rqnd, try to show why there is a difference between emergencies and normal life, but first she wants to address why the altruistic approach is problematic.

any But your commentary doesn’t give me any perspective I lacked. Altruistic ethics, she claims, paints the world as made up on confrontation and unfairness.

I don’t have anything against emotive rhetoric, but perhaps you could explain why “Ethics of Emergencies” is contradictory to Objectivism – after all, the burden of proof is on you, the dissenter. Also yours, but only to you. Nor is it immoral to help strangers.

Ethics of Emergencies

Emeryencies principles last longer than the next emergency and all the emergencies yet to come. What if one lives under a dictatorship for a lifetime? But according to you the first axiom of the universe which is Existence Exists is not valid! Real life and nicer weather has prevented me from writing this up, but this morning I will trudge along to get this out.


emergdncies Objective morality, unlike subjective or intrinsic morality, is related to reality, and therefore dependent on context. The fact that someone needs our help does not mean they are trying to mooch off of us, necessarily.

The Virtue of Selfishness, Chapter 3: The Ethics of Emergencies | Skepticism, Properly Applied

Ethicd don’t actually consider any of my views as being dissenting of Objectivism. An emergency is an unchosen, unexpected event, limited in time, that creates conditions under which human survival is impossible—such as a ethiics, an earthquake, a fire, a shipwreck.

But this forum is so lonely Any objections, anyone here? These questions about emergency situations shed light on an important issue – the way in which moral principles are abstracted from reality.

If I never spent any effort to understand such ideas, I would find them evil and unforgiveable.

The Virtuous Egoist New York: Since instrumental use of others is immoral, altruism is required. You etjics really take responsibility for someone else’s life.

That would be further ranx that Ayn Rand might be akin to Shiva, the Hindu maintainer and destroyer, and the loved one of many mystics. Self-esteem would have us realize that we are on equal footing with others in generaland that by being self-deprecating or self-aggrandizing to ourselves we are starting to lean either towards selfishness or selflessness.


Date – newest first Date – oldest first. They do not necessarily reflect the views of other contributors, or of SOLO, and do not necessarily align with Objectivism.

For instance, a man who values human life and is caught in a shipwreck, should help to save his fellow passengers though not at the expense of his own life.

Ayn Rand: The Ethics of Emergencies

In essence, to help those we care about is not a sacrifice and we should not be morally required to help those with whom we have no interest in helping. However, one serious point of departure I have with philosopher Ayn Rand springs from her etyics ‘The Ethics of Emergencies.

Is emerrgencies a ethiccs of non-emergency or a chronic series of emergencies? What about the benevolent universe premise? You’ll seek to sacrifice yourself where no sacrifice is necessary, or you’ll trample on the interests of others thinking it’s either you or them. This also means that helping strangers who are victims of emergencies is not altruistic – rather, it stems from the general benevolence that Objectivists should have towards all humans, “in the name of their human potential”.

Ethics of Emergencies One of Ayn Rand’s essay’s is particular interesting. I’m ready for peace AND I’m ready for war.

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