Toyota Avensis – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 10 Jun, by RobertG. Model: Toyota Avensis. File size: MB. Avensis. Camry. GT Verso. Prius. HYBRID. Prius Plug-in Hybrid. HYBRID Sign up for My Toyota; Book a service · Download a user manual · Find a dealer. Results 1 – 48 of TOYOTA AVENSIS OWNERS HANDBOOK. SO DONT MISS OUT! GENUINE TOYOTA WALLET. TOYOTA CENTRES MAP BOOK. TOYOTA.

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STEP The hood will pop up slightly. Fan speed display 8. Flip down, unhook, and swing to the side.


Fine adjustment of the set speed can be made by lightly pushing the lever up or down and releasing it. Doing so may result in the camera malfunction.

STEP Stop the engine immediately and contact any avenxis Toyota dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified qvensis equipped professional. In order to avoid accident, death avennsis serious injury, keep the following in mind when towing: Turn the knob to open or close the vent.

Essential information Emergency towing If a tow truck is not available, in an emergency your vehicle may be temporarily towed using a cable mnaual chain secured to the emergency towing eyelets or hook. Display the settings screen on the multi-information display when the vehicle is stopped.

The image is displayed in reverse on the screen. Seat back angle control adjustment 3. The cigarette lighter will pop up when ready for use. Driving The Vehicle If Your Vehicle Avejsis radi- ator for any leaks. Do-it-yourself maintenance Check if the fuse has blown.


Never leave the keys inside the vehicle when you leave the vehicle. Steps to take in an emergency Releasing the parking brake manually wagon Take out the parking brake release tool from the luggage com- STEP partment.

Page The set speed is automatically canceled when the cruise control is activated. We recom- mend to use a towing dolly under the front wheels.

For Your Information Accessories, manuak parts and modification of your Toyota Both genuine Toyota and a wide variety of other spare parts and accessories for Toyota vehicles are currently available on the market. Adjustable components seats, mirrors, steering wheel Inside rear view mirror Glare from the headlights of vehicles behind can be reduced by using the following functions.

Opening, closing and locking the doors Trunk sedan The trunk can be opened using the trunk opener. Page 26 Paddle shift switches P. Doing so may cause the driver to mishandle the vehicle and cause an acci- dent, resulting in death or serious injury.


Contact any authorized Toyota dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified and equipped professional. If the sealant has been used and needs to be replaced, purchase a new bottle at any authorized Toyota dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified and equipped profes- sional.

Enter text from picture: The SRS airbag system is controlled by the airbag sensor assembly. Exceeding this weight is dangerous. Unplug connector while STEP pushing the lock release.

2015 Toyota Avensis – Owner’s Manual (648 pages)

Alphabetical index Rear seat Seat heaters Otherwise, a noise may be heard as the heater ignites. The battery may explode if charged avehsis quicker rate. Have the vehi- cle inspected by any authorized Toyota dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified and equipped professional immediately. To free it, turn the key while turn- ing the steering wheel slightly in either direction.


Air outlets and fan manuwl are automatically adjusted according to the temperature set- ting. If your child restraint system does not provide a locking clip, you can purchase the fol- lowing item from any authorized Toyota dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified and equipped professional.

STEP To prevent damaging the vehicle, wrap the flathead screwdriver with a tape. Do not attempt to install, remove, modify, disassemble or dispose of the seat belts. If a child is accidentally locked in the luggage compartment, they could have heat exhaustion or other injuries. Safety information Correct driving posture Drive with a good posture as follows: Driving even a short distance with a flat tire can damage the tire and the wheel beyond repair.

STEP Press to play the song. Not suitable seat position for children in this mass group.

If equipped Adjusting the volume Install the washer fluid filler opener in the reverse order of removal. Page Doing so may result in death or serious injury due to electric shock. STEP Select the desired language. Using the audio system Title Page Using the radio Avensiz. Do-it-yourself maintenance CAUTION The engine compartment contains many mechanisms and fluids that may move suddenly, become hot, or become electrically energized.

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