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Fear of Sheikh Sarhindi of being drowned in a populace whose syncretism and great cultural tradition was a threat for the identity of Islam was not unfounded. When an uncommitted historian looks to present polarization in the Aurangzebb sub-continent he would be inclined to connect the dots that lead one from the period of Sheikh Sarhindi to the one of Allama Iqbal and Abul ala Modudi.

We are concerned mainly with his religious policies.

Aurangzeb alamgir par ek nazar pdf

Zindagi aish o aram se koson door thi. Is silsile mein nazam adliya mein beshumar tabdiliyan kien.

They do not take into account the desecration of the Jain temple of Sarasapur, Gujarat in To achieve this objective, jizya should be mercilessly levied upon them, and they should be treated like dogs. Email required Address never made public.

One thrives upon the degradation of the other. But religious policies cannot be studies in isolation and a holistic approach is required. Number of Rajputs did not grow.

Lack of evidence of any plan does not disprove the actions he took. He was villain and still remains so for those who suffered and those who harbor ill will for his ever memorable acts. Why did Aurangzeb adopt orthodox policy: After that Nadeem, a Pakistani journalist, wrote a play Dara on the same theme. In there were more than In that case, according to the premise, that belong to ifs and buts of history the two oceans would have mingled and there would not have been polarization and partition of the country.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Aurangzeb ne apni taweel takht nasheeni ke almgir mein zayada waqt mukhtalif mehmaat pat guzara. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Writes Majumdar about the condition in Hindus during the regime of Aurangzeb: Wo aik sufi tajdar tha.

Formats and Editions of Aurangzeb ʻĀlamgīr par ek naẓar. []

Mafuz ul Haq, is a stupendous attempt for bringing about religious harmony in the country. Aurangzeb was certainly the most potent and vital link in the success of Sarhindi tradition in keeping the Muslims and non Muslims in the sub continent apart.

Islam and infidelity are two irreconcilable opposites. To find out more, including how to control alamgor, see here: There is an excellent elegiac play in verse written by Nazaf Gandhi set in the form of an E Mail to Dara, written in Aurangzeb Alamgir History In Urdu: He consulted him on important points of Muslim theology and sought his advice. Lekin apne bare bhai ki baghawat ke moqa par hijri mein us ne Deccan ki hukumat chhor di. This prince was a voracious reader and a prolific writer.

What political reason can they give for the destruction of Kalkaji temple in ? Wo kehta tha ke Khuda mujhe is dunya mein is liye laya ke mein alamgor liye nahin balkeh dusron ke liye zinda rahon aur mehnat karon.


Solution of ever elusive communal problem in India needs less mature Iqbal the author of Tarana e Hindi of rather than mature one of Tarana e Milli of and of later creations like Shiqwa and overpowering of the Mutzalite hard liner tradition coming down to us through Sir Iqbal and Abu ala Pa. Aurangzeb par Hindu kushi ka bay bunyad ilzam lagaya jata hai.

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Libas aur khorak bara sada tha. Second group of historians are apologetics of the Emperor. Conflict between Dara and Aurangzeb is a classical example of ongoing struggle between two strains of thought which may be termed rationalists and conservative respectively. There is congruity between the policies of Aurangzeb, Sharia law and the injunctions of Sheikh Sarhindi and Mian Masum, the son who became his successor. Clear relation between the ideals proliferated by Sheikh Sarhindi and Mian Masum and policies nasar by Aurangzeb contradict the contention of Irfan Habib.

The task of nzar true Islamic rule fell upon the sturdy shoulders of Aurangzeb In this contest, the salafis won and Muslim India charged off in the direction of exclusive pluralism and a rigid application of fiqh.

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