Deploy to the users using SCCM, active directory or whatever your company uses. Answered 04/12/ by: olditguy. Second Degree Blue. Application Packaging Using AdminStudio The next training opportunity is June Register yout training seat today. Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Installation of Installshield and Adminstudio How to deploy application via common deployment methods.

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In ALL cases, we want to try using the vendor-supplied package and method for automated installation before resorting to repackaging. This is basically the only option your given besides package name when setting up a repackage.

Here is a screenshot of what I am excluding from the registry section: Improve service quality and streamline service delivery Decrease risk and embrace new technologies faster Eliminate applicatiion application security and compatibility concerns Reliably prepare and deploy modern application formats like App-V and MSIX Integrate seamlessly with leading software deployment systems Simplify and unify application management with standardized processes Boost efficiency with a central application repository Identify application packxging issues in minutes instead pakaging days.

Summary That was a quick and simple example of the power of Repackager. Repackager can also be used to detect system changes that occur from configuring a product after installation. What is it and what is Flexera doing with it?

Be sure that all essential shortcuts have been discovered and that you delete all undesired ppackaging. Overall, I use the snapshot method almost exclusively.

To test the application, login to Windows as an administrator, then copy the Usiing that you created to another machine. White Paper Application Rationalization: Shortcuts that are used to start a program should be self-repairing shortcuts. Best Practices for Application Virtualization is a great place to start. The product registry key will be added by the script that installs the application, so do not insert it here. On the next screen, I select multiple steps.


Converts MSIs and legacy installers leveraging virtual machines. Repackager then runs from the clean machine, while the suite is installed on a different machine. It then analyzes the before and after and captures the changes. Pafkaging capture, the repackaging wizard comes up.

Application Deployment: Using AdminStudio Repackager

Repackager can tell you almost instantly what changed, and you can either deploy the MSI that is created from Repackager, or grab the file or registry key that changed. When you click Finish, the wizard goes away. The repackager application will automatically load with all of the information collected. It captures all changes made to a system during installation and creates an MSI from these changes.

You should only include the shortcuts or start menu items in the “all users” profile. It includes products for application modification and deployment. This is a simple demo, but it will illustrate all of the features of the program. If you launch the application before analyzing the changes, any change you make will be preserved in the captured MSI.

Application Packaging Using AdminStudio

No Comments 0 0. The second snapshot will start now. You may now check the package information and edit anything necessary, but do not configure any advanced options. If there are any registry entries that do not belong to your application, exclude them. Also, you will need to exclude any shortcuts to an uninstall file. Click here to read our privacy policy.

Since I want to set a bookmark in my Firefox install, I am going to select snapshot. Also, check to make sure packagkng the appropriate shortcuts are pointed to the appropriate file via adminstidio ‘Component’ property. Here is a screenshot of what I am excluding from the registry section:. After install, I will set a bookmark that will persist into the MSI. This set of screens is where we can go through and exclude files, registry keys, and INI file settings.


These fields define their corresponding MSI property fields. While doing this, it also took care of initializing and authorizing any plugins. If you are trying to figure out a change outside of an installation, snapshot must be used. For simple applications, installation monitoring works really well.

The system is supposed to work crossing operating system versions, but I have had better experiences when keeping the operating system version the same.

I also recommend that this be a virtual machine that can easily be snapshotted back to a clean state.

Recen Post Extremely slow app installs: Use of our site signifies acceptance of our privacy policy. You will need the entire directory not just the MSI to make any further changes. Identify software vulnerabilities as part of the Application Readiness process.

After doing a few these, you will get the hang of what can be excluded. AdminStudio is a product from Flexera Software that can be a complete, end-to-end application management system. Twitter Tweets by WinMgmtExperts. Microsoft MVP Brien Posey, defines Application Rationalization and discusses why it is critical in getting your application house in order for Windows That was a quick and simple example of the power of Repackager.

Next, you are presented with this screen.

Close the Developer application.

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