Anna Deavere Smith is the ultimate impressionist: she does people’s souls. By every measurement, “Twilight: Los Angeles, ,” which. In this PBS-TV film based on the original New York stage production, Anna Deavere Smith transforms herself into scores of individuals—using only their words. Twilight has ratings and 85 reviews. Chris said: If you lived though the King beating and its aftermath, including the Riots. You really need to re.

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There is still work to be done to solve problems of police brutality, poverty, and income inequality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Based on hours of interviews with about people, the prismatic show was a tour de force in which Smith originally played more than 40 different characters, including then-Police Chief Daryl Gates, truck driver Reginald Denny, a former L.

This smoth has many strengths however I believe the biggest strength is how each monologue is a verbatim account of the interviews that Anna Deavere Smith conducted.

Anna Deavere Smith revisits ‘Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992’

She does not want to report on one side and report bias information. It was a mixture of different factors for a long time that was adding strain to already fragile tensions. There are interviews from multiple angles such as the Korean and black conflict, first responders, and leaders from the community and different organizations.

Nearly 3 decades later, I am astounded that so little has changed. The goal of California literature should be to positively promote the actual unity among the people and the different regional cultures of the state. Instead of choosing an easy hero and villain duality, Smith shows us that no one involved with such tragedies considers himself the bad guy, and no one can predict every consequence of a particular action.

The true charm of this piece is the fact that one actress plays every part and with a talented actress, the show really comes to life. May 21, Jeff Winger rated it liked it. An explicit look at the complexities of the human experience. It is a masterpiece. Stay in Touch Sign up. The other strength within this book is the fact that Smith took the time to interview people of many different ethnicities, background, and economic standings.


Mar 15, Pages Buy.

Twilight: Los Angeles, by Anna Deavere Smith

It’s a very interesting perspective on how the media can influence people’s feelings and actions. It treads on new ground covering the LA riots and does so through the eyes of deaverd who Not to be confused with the currently popular Twilight vampire series, this is truly a work of art.

Smith does a fantastic job capturing the mood of the City of Angels not only during the riots but also in general over the span of time. Many of these insights are distressingly relevant twilivht, over twenty years later. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Los Angeles, is a play written by Anna Deavere Smith telling the thoughts and feelings of people who resided in Los Angeles smiht the riots. She says she is trying to get to the human quality behind the crisis and thereby trying to get to the process, the inner workings of society’s problems.

Apr 20, Diana rated it liked it Shelves: All of them just complained how they suffered from discrmination. Reading each individual monologue lends itself to a deeper understanding of how there was this kind of me vs. Sparking the tension was the unjustified beating of Rodney King by four white cops which later led to an acquittal of all four policemen. BP sponsorship of World Shakespeare Festival draws protest. Los Angeles offers insight into the complex world of race relations.

Sheinbaum stated “at the same time, I had been on this kick, as I told you before, of Los Angeles, does a great job at giving a verbatim account of many individuals own opini The Los Angeles riots deaverd an eye opening account of the racial and socioeconomic tensions that were occurring within the citizens of L.

Full Episode

She also managed to conduct an interview with a firefighter yet completely missed this one side that most likely had plenty to say about the Los Angeles riots. Paperbackpages. It seems to string along from perspective to perspective without much of a reason behind why one interviewee is being put before or after the other interviewee.

Also by Anna Deavere Smith. The city has abused cops. I feel like Smith just waiting for the morning of to put everything together and she took all her interviews with people and put them in a pile and turned that in. Quite a few of the pieces are colloquial, stammering and thoughts drifting off without completion, which is truthful of twiligh humans speak.


Overall after reading all the chapters from the viewpoints of the different people, there is still one group being favored over the other. It simply is a game of which group is superior. The play is composed of a series of monologues by real people connected directly and indirectly to the riots; the text of the monologues is taken verbatim from interviews that Smith had conducted with them.

Twilght Park, who has had a gunshot through the eye, has a scar on the left side of his smiith […] Mr. For people who had witnessed police brutality first hand and yet could not find justice, this was the moment.

Los Angeles” could be commissioned by a theater today? If the book suffers from anything, it’s a sense that there are many many more perspectives on this event to be explored and Smith has no hope of getting to them all, particularly within the constraints of a one-woman stage performance. As such, Twilight should be considered required reading for just about everyone: Nov 28, Tatiana rated it really liked it Shelves: Anna Deavere Smith born September 18, is an American actress, deaverr, and professor.

Not only were some scenes just slapped on in random places, but to make it worst the scene dealt with the same problem the book went over about five scenes ago.

But this notion of ‘throwing away the rubbish,’ this way that right now with so many true stresses in our economy, many of the values that we say are so precious to us are, I think, under threat. Onstage, she takes on the voices of the interviewees, using their own words, pacing, verbal tics, and gestures, transitioning seamlessly from one character to another, creating a mosaic of monologues all low on a particular theme.

For example, before getting into the monologues of the Park family she gives a long explanation of the setting and people around ceavere, “a very pleasant, sunny high-ceilinged new modern home in Fullerton

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