Aflatoxicosis in poultry: A review. Article (PDF Available) · September with Reads. Cite this publication. Ansuman Mohapatra at. Aflatoxins (AF) are a class of mycotoxins, produced by fungal species of the genus Aspergillus (flavus and parasiticus) and Penicillium puberulum, that are often. Abstract. Poultry has commonly been considered highly susceptible to aflatoxins. However, among domestic fowl there is wide variability in specific species sen.

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Mycotoxicoses are difficult to diagnose because of a great variation in possible symptoms and target organs as well as pathological lesions. In parent stocks, there was a decrease in hatchability and poor progeny performance.


Summary of the chemical and model information in studies observing hormetic effects on body weight parameters. These diseases may vary on the severity, target sites, and mechanism of toxicity.

The effects of mycotoxins in poultry are aflatxoicosis complex and varies greatly according to their mechanism of toxicity and primary target organs. In parent stocks a decrease in fertility and hatchability were observed.

Trichothecenes toxicosis Trichothecenes mycotoxins affect actively dividing cells, such as those lining the gastrointestinal tracts, skin, lymphoid and erythroid cells. Field trials, scientific, and laboratory research have been performed leading to different results and conclusions. Samples of feed and ingredients should be collected and promptly submitted for laboratory analysis.

These materials may be stored for longer periods and due to poor storage conditions, they may be contaminated with fungi, especially in humid and hotter countries, such as Indonesia.

NTP, to see Calabrese and Baldwin, a. These findings are generally supportive of the examples presented for aflatoxin in chickens and argue for the response being of a more general nature.

More information Accept cookies. Aflatoxins AF are a class of mycotoxinsproduced by fungal species of the genus Aspergillus flavus and parasiticus and Penicillium puberulumthat are often found in the ingredients used to make poultry feed.


Young chickens are more sensitive to the effects of mycotoxins. Contamination and subsequent mycotoxin production may be influenced by the environmental conditions at specific times during the crop development or storage Sanchis, The mechanisms of mycotoxins toxicity are not fully understood due to the diversity in their chemical structures and target organs.

The implications of such hormetic dose responses aflatoxxicosis briefly discussed. Mycotoxins carried over at low levels, such as aflatoxins, ochratoxins, T-2 toxins can be found in the liver, kidney, muscle, and eggs CAST,Volkel et al. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. The only proven way to determine, if grains contain mycotoxins or not, is to test for them in the laboratory. Effectiveness of melatonin on aflatoxicosis in chicks.

An overview of aflatoxicosis of poultry: its characteristics, prevention and reduction.

Several studies designed to evaluate the effect of aflatoxins in chickens have shown the characteristic low-dose stimulation high-dose inhibition pattern of the hormetic dose-response. Chronic toxicity in those birds is characterized by loss of weight, decline in feed efficiency, drop in egg production and increased susceptibility to infections.

Each clear circle corresponds to the mean body weight of 6 groups of 15 birds per treatment. Even more sensitive to the effects of dietary aflatoxins are ducks. Several hundreds of mycotoxins have been reported and isolated, as many as approximately varieties, with their target sites and toxicity, with varying chemical structures of each one.

An overview of aflatoxicosis of poultry: its characteristics, prevention and reduction.

Poiltry is known that mycotoxins exist worldwide where their formation are no longer restricted to hot and humid climates and being widely distributed due to international trade in various agricultural raw materials Naehrer, Hormesis has been noted in regards to changes in body weight in numerous studies, including those performed for the US National Toxicology Program, with over 50 chemicals. As a consequences, Sa and So accumulate in tissues and their accumulation can be used as a biomarker to indicate fumonisin contamination Starkl and Naehrer, They have caustic and irritant effects on the skin and mucous membrane Devegowda and Murthy, Unfortunately these conjugate mycotoxins cannot be detected by most routine analysis.


The above-cited studies provide evidence for a low-dose stimulation and high-dose inhibition response in aflatoxins in chickens; afpatoxicosis, the most relevant evidence for the hormetic response of dietary aflatoxins on body weight in chickens comes from the study of Richardson et al. Pathological changes in the immune organs of broiler chickens fed on corn naturally contaminated with aflatoxins B1 and B2.

Table 3 summarizes the results of several studies conducted with dietary aflatoxins in chickens, which observed a low stimulation at the low-dose level tested. Lipid metabolism of commercial layers fed diets containing aflatoxin, fumonisin, and a binder Poultry Science Rangsaz N, Ahangaran MG.

Aflatoxicosis in Chickens

Poultry feed production and cost are major issues faced by poultry industries aflatoxjcosis many countries of the world. Chickens are highly tolerant to zearalenone; therefore high doses are required to cause reproductive disorders. Fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome Infectious bursal disease Malabsorption syndrome Mycotoxicosis Ochratoxicosis. The other consistent lesions in aflatoxicosis were found in bursa Fabricius, thymus, and spleen which appeared smaller than normal Figure 3 ; in male parent stocks, the size of testes was significantly reduced Figure 4.

Effects of dietary selenium on histopathological changes and T cells of spleen in broilers exposed to aflatoxin B1. Symptoms and lesions can be very general and vary greatly between mycotoxins; usually as a secondary effect of mycotoxicoses.

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