A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge [Josh Neufeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now in paperback, The New York Times best- selling. “Josh Neufeld is a master storyteller. A.D. is intimate and yet seismic in its scope. His art takes us to the depth of the humanity of those we. Because, reading A.D: New Orleans after the Deluge on the Internet with interactive multimedia web links gave an experience that was not like.

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There isn’t enough here. Aug 09, Pages.

When it comes to Katrina, that which links the population of New Orleans — not to ad.new that whole Gulf Coast region — is a devastating sense of loss: It is impossible to go into reading this book without a pre-conceived idea of what it will be. The dialogue was often clunky and They were tears born from frustration, anger, disgust, and sadness.

The story is told chronologically and flips between the seven people 5, technically as 2 are in pairs this is a little confusing at first but once you get into the book the reader gets into the rhythm. Multiethnic Graphic Narratives [ Creative Nonfiction – UIndy [ Katrina has finally passed New Orleans, and Hamid and Mansell emerge, blinking in the sunlight, ecstatic to have survived the storm.

This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Can you think of a resolution to request the experience of reading the A. View all 4 comments. When you hear the name Katrina, what do you think? Many of the people stuck there were poor and lived there all of their life, but I could never accept that for myself. Please try again later. And of course, the physical book is missing: Here is Denise, a sixth-generation New Orleanian who will experience the chaos of the Superdome; the Doctor.


He was there signing because this had just come out in paperback. Victims of Katrina will need an unprecedented amount of public resolve and support—financial, logistical, emotional, and so many other ways we have not yet envisioned. We should not judge this tragedy by its a.s.new human elements.

At the original location he was a frequent orldans and then helped reopen when they found a new spot, makes sense he works there now. Views Read Edit View history. I guarantee you will hungrily devour this beautiful, heartbreaking project. About Help Orlwans Press. The biggest problem was formatting the book and inserting new material into the existing storyline.

Overwhelming demand has propelled A. No matter how much they think they are prepared, they never are. There is a doctor, a convenience store owner, a counselor After Hurricane Katrina it was impossible to turn on the news without hearing about it, the devastation, the displacement, the deaths, and the conspiracy theories about the government intentionally targeting New Orleans.

Accessed March 6, I wish he had just come out and made it more obvious, because it comes off as clumsy as is.


A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

Emails are not published with comments i. His art takes us to the depth of the humanity of those we cherish. There is a doctor, a convenience store owner, a counselor, a minister’s son, and a comic book collector. When I go away for a weekend, I have a case of water in the trunk, snacks for all, and reservations at the Holiday Inn Express.

A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge

Among other things, I think I got my sense of humor and love oeleans globe-spanning travel from the Tintin books. View all 7 comments. If that happens, our nation will have lost an irreplaceable part of our identity. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The first three sections of A. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is the latest example of the expansion of the graphic format to include nonfiction and reportage as well as superheroes and fantasy.

All of the other characters were much more likable and easier to relate to. And thousands took shelter at the Louisiana Superdome, which quickly became overwhelmed by the humanity.

I would’ve loved to know what happened on the bridge when shots were fired, forcing survivors back into the zone of destruction.

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