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SAMSS Home · SAMSS Descripción: 35 Author: Cherukunnon Jubu. 29 downloads Views KB Size. Report. Materials System Specification SAMSS API Line Pipe Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee Members Anezi. SAMSS Carbon Steel Pipes On-Plot – abr – Materials System in accordance with Saudi Aramco specification SAMSS

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Page 5 of 28 Document Responsibility: The HIC testing laboratory shall provide documentation supporting the adequate training of technicians or engineers samas the evaluation of CLR and CTR measurements.

The orientation specified in Table 20 shall apply except that for spiral welded helical seam pipe, the specimen shall be transverse to the rolling direction of the skelp perpendicular to the helical seam. Verification shall be conducted at the pipe mill.

01 Samss Pdf – eBook and Manual Free download

For other properties, the more restrictive specification applies in each case. Removal of outside weld reinforcement from the pipe ends is needed to facilitate the movement of the automatic ultrasonic probe as part of 03 field automatic welding requirement.

Page 15 of 28 Document Responsibility: Compression fittings shall not be used. Verification of compliance with paragraph 7. Low carbon grades of austenitic stainless steels are acceptable substitutes for the corresponding regular carbon grades, but not vice versa. Only electrodes identified on the repair welding procedure shall be used.


Ultrasonic inspection shall be over a 305 of 25 mm. On SAW pipe for automatic welding, local swmss deviation from the normal cylindrical contour in the form of peaking or flattening of the seam shall not exceed 0. The Saudi Aramco assigned Engineering Specialist from Consulting Services Department, Dhahran, who originates and is responsible for all Class 04 valve technical specifications and standards or his delegated representative. For all sizes, test at least one pipe per heat.


Level 1 personnel may set up the equipment, perform tests, and report the results. The following shall be included in the HIC test report or Mill Test Certificate a c d Location and dimensions of coupons, and whether taken from pipe or plate.

The purity of the H2S gas shall be The pipes for testing can be selected by the purchaser’s representative from the heats containing the higher sulfur content.

In case the steel processing is conducted through ingot route, sampling shall include the ends of the damss plates representing the head and the tail of the ingot. Means shall be provided to mark the pipe when the nondestructive inspection equipment indicates an imperfection is present so that anomalous areas can be readily identified.

01 samss 035

Acceptance criteria shall be 34 J minimum for the average of three specimens and 27 J minimum for individual values based on full size specimen.

Repair welding procedures for the weld seam shall meet the essential requirements and testing of Annex D.


I look for a PDF Ebook about:. Double seam pipe is not acceptable for size smaller than 60 inches nominal diameter. Documentation for HIC testing facility, asmss, but not limited to the following: Annex B, N and O shall apply for all purchase orders. Internal and external epoxy coatings for ductile iron utility valves, when specified, shall meet the requirements of AWWA C Wooden bearing strips shall be used.

Por favor,activa el JavaScript! Isolated longitudinal cracks i. Unless otherwise specified, when hardfacing is required it shall be Stellite No.

SAMSS Carbon Steel Pipes On-Plot – abr_百度文库

When steel valves are specified with internal coating, the coating materials and application procedures shall be in accordance with APCS for baked phenolic epoxy or APCS for fusion bonded epoxy Eamss.

To find more books about 01 samssyou can use related keywords: Pipes shall be stored on wooden bearing strips. This requirement does not apply to seamless pipe. Should the Vendor’s HIC test results be rejected by Saudi 0355, re-testing may be referred to an independent 3rd party laboratory acceptable to Saudi Aramco for resolution. This laboratory shall use HIC test methods and control samples in accordance with this specification.

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