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Lots of you guys have asked for this and im been kind of putting it off its not that im a racist its just…i dont know…black guys have alwats scared me i mean..wait i dont mean that like i see a black guy and i get scared i mean scared when it come to there dicks…ive heard how big and black they are compared to me so little and white..i dont like the way im coming off here im afraid my middle class white guilt is going to get the best of me after reading what im writing right now so im gunna make a dontation to the naacp or something. regardless of my ambiguisly racist banter i had a great time with tito i was smart and lucky enough to pick him up from a gym so he was in great shape and once i got my “first time with a black guy” jitters outta my system we got down and dirty..not that hes dirty i dont think all black guys are dirty oh man shitup brandi!!!! i love all you guys black white purple yellow whatever. I feel after my ebonic experience with tito i have opened up my eyes (and my vagina) to a whole new world of blackness, Big Hard Meaty and Delicious BLACKNESS…bye ya’ll see ya later!!!

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Every now and then my cameraman comes up with some pretty clever ideas, this happens to be one of them. So he asks me if i would be willing to make a post on Craig’s list basically giving myself up to whomever was willing to come to my hotel room. I posted the the hotel name, room number, and time at which i would be there and made it perfectly clear that whoever showed up was going to have to let me have my why with them. So after i posted it i went back to my room with my cameraman and he set up a couple hidden cameras. He hid in the closet with one camera and hid another one on the otherside of the room and controlled it with a remote control. I was very surprised and a little dissapointed that only one dude showed up, and i he had me waiting for a lot longer than i expected i was going to have to. I bet alota people thought the posted was a joke…well if any of you who read it are reading this now YOU MISSED OUT!!! Atleast one guy showed up and he actually wasnt hlaf bad looking and he had a pretty nice cock. It was pretty great he knocked on my door i threw him on the bed i dont think i even gave him a chance to say hello. The sex was great and he had no idea the cameras or my camerman were watching, so he was pretty wild.

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I do not understand why guys and girls lie so much, if my girlfriends tell me some guy has a big dick, then I am curious to see it myself, i think about 50% of the time they are correct. But when I meet the guy and he brags about having a big dick? that is where I draw the line. This guy is named “Long john” and he claims he has a 10 inch penis. I was very excited to see it, but apparently 4 inches of it did not come out and play today and all i was left to work with was about 6 inches of unsatisfying lil john. So whatever, 6 is not bad at all, it’s only bad when you claim to have 10, dont get a girls hopes up! Sooooooo i am rambling, anyways, this guy took a while to get hard, but when he did he fucked me pretty good and his reward was cumming in my mouth.

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Elevator rides are fun. But i would of never thought to have sex inside one before until one of you guys sent me an email asking me to have sex in an elevator. hehe as i read the email i blushed because i just love hearing from you guys. so In honor of mr fan and you know who you are *wink* i placed some hidden cams inside an elevator and had some fun with this. i mean who doesn’t like getting stuck inside and elevator with a hott chick right? well check it out and i home you guys like it. keep sending me those emails i love you guys MMMUAHH! xoxo Brandi

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I know, I know. I’m a little late, but you guys still love me though, and better late than never, right??? It’s just that I’ve been partying so much that I am still recovering from all the partying and while I was having so much fun I managed to record some of the fun. You guys are gonna totally love this. So I was with a couple of my friends on New Years and we partied like crazy, and this dude we were with ends up totally passing the fuck out on our couch. I mean he was out completely out cold, we pretty much tortured the shit out of this guy, and he just would not wake up. We took off all his clothes, wrote all over his cock and balls with a permanent marker, took a vast amount of pictures while we did it, we even tied him up and he wouldn’t even move. Since we were having so much fun, my friend pretty much dared me to get his dick hard. I don’t think she knows me to well, because I did not hesitate to put his cock in my mouth. I sucked him off real good and he still wouldn’t wake up. My friends were laughing and going picture crazy. That’s when they wanted me to go all the way and have sex with him. I was already hot, so I figured what the fuk , why not??? What’s the worst that can happen, he wakes up and there’s a girl riding his cock? Pretty good deal if you ask me. Yet even after riding him he still wouldn’t wake up!!! I almost thought he was faking it, but he woke right up once he started to cum all over my hands. I must say that must be a great way to start off the New Year!!!

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Hi guys! Brandi here, telling you about what a great time I had with my boy toy (well servant actually) for the day “Chris”. This fine strapping you man was at my complete beck and call for a whole day. Talk about submissive! I had him eat my little pussy for SUPER LONG time, while I read out of one my favorite books. And I must say that he did well. I ordered him around, and had my way with him when I was good and ready. You guys have to check this out! I have to admit that getting banged from behind while ready and eating was a first for me. I highly recommend this experience to all of you. Especially by female members. Take charge and let your men beg for it. It’s a complete high. Anyway, that’s it for now. See you next time…

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Today we are all inside trying to warm up from the cold next to the fireplace. I have a fan letter that I think will be great for today! The request is for us to give hand jobs and blow jobs while we tease the guys with our soft turtleneck sweaters. We had so much fun with this! The guys loved our soft sweaters on their cocks as we stroked them. We took turns sucking and fucking and then the guys dropped some big loads, and of course they ended up on our sweaters! It really warmed us up! Keep sending those letters guys!

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I just love playing video games! Hey guys its me Brandi, and this week I had my friends Bella and May come over and play some games with me. I tried to show off my gaming skills. May wasn’t a challenge at all pfft noob! But Bella knew her way around the controller. I can see why guys just love spending hours at a time pawning other players, it kind of made me a little horny thinking about how a guy would handle a challenging game or better yet how a guy would handle me while I dished out some serious skills. I can imagine a random dude fucking me while I played with my girlfriends online, and I could only imagine how Bella and May would look with a controller in one hand and a nice hard cock in the other. Better yet a cock in the mouth while they used their hands to play with the D pad. Hehe nonetheless we had lots of fun playing like real gamers.